Robbed on A Busy Street

jobless_robbedIt was this bit of local news that prompted me to write this post.  Do not dismiss this news story as just another crime. Crime sometimes walks right into you, your home. As it happened to me. In our Capital City, Delhi. Yes, here you go with my story. How I was robbed recently.

My wallet was snatched in the month of December. No, I was not out late in the night and I was not alone. I was on rickshaw (tricycle) going to nearby mall with my sister to buy woollens/jackets. It was 7 in the evening. Yes, it was dark. We were robbed on a busy road nearby our house. We had just hailed the rickshaw and were still on a well-lit road in front of the apartments.

Yet no matter how well-lit roads are, between apartments there are dark patches on road for two reasons: either a street-light does not work or there is quite some distance between two streetlights causing dark patches. It was between these two patches, two guys riding motorcycle snatched the wallet in my hands.

I tried my best to pull back my wallet, a foolish thing to do in hindsight. It brought the guy on pillion closer to me, he could have punched my face with ease. While I pulled back and screamed, the guy on the front, wrenched my hand away and they sped off. A tricycle is no match to follow a motorbike, given. But our rickshaw-puller was too shocked to react. It was all over in 30 seconds. My sister too, in the dark, didn’t witness wallet being whisked away from me, she was only concerned about my welfare. She thought that the guys had attempted to molest me or something of the sort.

I instantly dialled 100, it was too dark a patch to note the motorbike’s number. There was no light in the bike’s rear either. Guys who had robbed me just vanished. What did I lose? About 3k in cash (I hardly carry cash, but that day I had it handy so put it in wallet for shopping), 5 credit/debit cards, PAN card, some invoices, visiting cards, and some other documents.

After I called police, I straightaway started calling banks to block all my cards. Police arrived, meanwhile, at my residence, with their SHO and about 4 officers. Frankly, at the moment all I cared about was to block my cards. I kept police waiting till I had done that. I recounted the incident to them and told them it was too dark and rushed that I have no way of identifying the robbers. Yet I want to lodge a FIR. Well, they said that all I need to do was write the application and give it to them. They would drop a copy of FIR at my residence next day. How pleasant! I wrote the whole story out on their stamped paper. You think that was the end? No!

Policemen read my application and insist that I should delete the phrase “two guys on bike stole from me”, instead simply write “was stolen”, because then they will give a copy of FIR for non-cognizable offence. A crowd of bystanders emerged outside the house. But no one would butt in.

Policemen: Why do you want to mention two guys when you can not identify them. There is no benefit for you.
Me: I know there is no benefit, but I want this crime to be recorded.
Policemen: But there is no benefit.
Me: I don’t understand why you have a problem with this. It’s the truth, it should be recorded as such. Mera dil jhoot likhne ki gawahi nahi deta.
Policemen: I understand, but its not jhoot, just omission of a fact. Writing thi fact doesn’t doesn’t help you. I will myself bring the copy of FIR to you in morning, madam. You can then get your PAN card and credit cards  re-issued.
Me: My PAN card and credit cards will be issued anyway. (sharply) Please just take this application as is. I will go now and rest. I will await my copy of FIR tomorrow morning.
Policemen: (darkly)Then you don’t get any copy. We will investigate, and you will need to come to police station every time we ask you to identify the guys. Investigation takes time, any way it wouldn’t help you. You won’t get your money back. If there were any benefit for you, we would have asked you to give application as is.
Me: But I told you I could not see the guys in dark! How can I identify?
Policemen: See! You don’t have any benefit. You did not see the thiefs, you don’t have bike registration number.

This went on for 2 hours until I finally decided to call my veteran uncle hoping he could help me to deal with this army of policemen (3 of them actually, others had left by then). My uncle promptly asked to speak to police officer. Police officer after asking my uncle’s profession was reverent. Yet his words had veiled threats. Sample this: Look, your daughter will feel harassed, she will need to come to police station again, and see its not good for her either to be meddling with criminals, See, she here comes home late from work,..blah blah.

My uncle gave in and asked me to do as police says. I hated it. Every instinct in my body refused to comply. Yet I complied in the name of family. It was my uncle who had ordered me to do so, my father too doesn’t disobey him. Next day I got a copy of FIR for non-cognizable offence. 😦

But this one act of compliance gave me several sleepless nights, I felt shamed. Shamed of seeking help from family. Shamed to give in to wrong thing. So much that I could not blog about it. Frankly, money lost was no dent on me financially, but the sheer act of someone taking advantage of me in full view of people was not acceptable. What if they did again? What’s to stop them?

In successive days, I noticed several other things that made this compliance of mine a very traumatic experience:
1. I noticed next day that, on the same road where I was robbed, there is a police chowki. I had not known because I have recently moved into the area. So police must know who those robbers were. The act was conducted in the compliance of police.
2. I met several other people, 3 women from whom gold chains were snatched, 1 guy, whose mobile was wrenched off his breast pocket, 1 women, whose shoulder bag was snatched. All in same area. None of their FIRs had been lodged. 2 of them did not even approach police because they knew it would be a futile trip.
3. It was dark, so how did those guys spot wallet in my hands. I mean, the guy’s aim was perfect. Well, they must have been watching me as I hailed the tricycle. Maybe the rickshaw-puller too was in compliance. I am not sure, but he insisted on taking a route that other rickshaw-pullers usually avoid.

Here are some tips that I can give you, from my experience, for such cases:

1.  Be alert, be sure that you are not being watched or followed. It was cold, me and my sister were more concerned about wrapping our mufflers, so we failed to notice our robbers.
2.  Never hold your wallet in your hands. Rather keep a shoulder bag. Though there is no guarantee that it will be safe, but it can be clutched better.
3.  Do not walk on road or tricycle talking on mobile, there are common cases of mobile being snatched while you are talking. My mobile was saved because it was in my jeans pocket.
4. Try to get the robber’s vehicle number. It helps you in most cases. Calling police comes later.
5. Trust your instincts, sometimes it may be better to give your goods away to save your life or prevent bodily harm. And sometimes, you must stick on to your goods to save it.
6. Carry a pepper spray. Pepper sprays work better than knives as they come with high chilly factor and higher reach. Trust me, I know about it as I researched about it. In a metro city, it comes handy. This experience taught me that.
7. In the event of theft, cancel all your cards first thing. Also, ensure that you don’t keep any cards that you do not need or use. Otherwise, it’s a hassle to cancel a useless card whose details too you don’t remember. It happened to me, thankfully, my card had been cancelled long back due to no usage without my knowing about it. For once, I was not outrageous that bank did not inform about it. Keep the number for your handy in your mobile phonebook.
8. Dial 100 if you must call police. In Delhi, response time is 5 minutes and there is always a response because senior officials monitor the calls. I put this number to good use, even if loudspeakers are on late night, disturbing my sleep.
9. Keep a photocopy/scanned of all your documents like PAN, voter’s ID scanned. My PAN card was stolen, but I had a scanned copy of all my documents. It made re-issue of documents easier.
10. Keep your address in your wallet. A friend said ‘robbers’ returned the wallet to her without money, of course. I am not sure if putting address in the wallet has any disadvantage. My wallet did not have my address.
11. I am not sure if this one is true. I have read this in forwarded emails. In case your ATM card is stolen or you are under pressure to divulge your ATM PIN, it is better to give the reverse number. For example, if your PIN is 1234, you should give 4321. Your robber will get the money, but the bank will intimate the police considering this as your help plea. This site, though says that though this ATM PIN reverse technology exists, but none of the banks have implemented it.
12. Ensure that there are functional street lights outside your apartment. It helps long way to keep the roads well-lit. Currently, I am making a list of such nook and crevices near-by and I will give a written complaint to MCD.
12. Oh, and last but not the least, it helps to know someone in police. A friend told me his wallet was returned, after he called a policemen friend of his, who was in another department. Police and these crooks have their own network that works. If not policemen, make sure taht you ahve the number of a journalist, this will help you at least lodge a FIR if police refuse it. I have read several such cases in newspapers.

Do lodge a FIR. Or police, despite crime-in-your-face, will insist it is a crime-free zone. Feel free to add your tips to encounter robbery in the comments section.

Newspiece courtsey Hindustan Times

49 Responses to “Robbed on A Busy Street”

  1. 1 Arpit January 20, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    oh t\withering told me about it……..where did it happen?
    and good you got all the cards blocked asap
    its not wrong that you wanted to get FIR

  2. 2 soham January 20, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Ahhh !! .. That was a sad incident .. But the precautions that u have described here are to the point and very informative .. We all must remember it ..

    By the way about the ATM PIN thing, there is no concept like reverse of PIN and police gets to know .. Becauseif I have kept my PIN as 1221 then the reverse will be the same 1221 .. Hence such technology cannot exist nor can be implemented ..

    U just hv to call ur bank and cancel the card .. That’s the best thing to do in case of theft ..

    I hope u come out of this trauma soon ..

  3. 4 Arpit January 20, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    oh withering told me about it……..where did it happen?
    and good you got all the cards blocked asap
    its not wrong that you wanted to get FIR lodged ( any educated person would go for it) but i see it useless .
    recently , one of my cousin sister ( i didnt know about it…..but i overheard my mother to be frank) she lives in noida ( and you know how unsafe its becoming following the rape case) ..she was coming back from her office and a group of 8-10 men on bike surrounded her rickshaw and demanded for money and all valuables she had …but thankfully on that deserted road some crowd had started arriving and they left her …she was terribly shocked
    i think crime be it any it should be reported provided that the judiciary system is transparent enough and doesnt restrict people to lodge complaints or modify facts as in your case
    and i think your uncle’s take was half right and half wrong …….but i think it was more of the inconvenience which would have followed , that prompted him to say so because this is for sure the police wouldnt be able to catch the offenders

    so be more careful

  4. 5 Alice January 20, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    i am so angry at whoever did that to u.. thank goodness ur safe… something similar had happened to me before but i had hit the guy hard where its supposed to hurt him the most… the revenge was sweet… u better take care… cant u take this vicious circle of police and thieves to some higher authority?

  5. 6 Poonam January 20, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    @Arpit: I would email you that.

    @Soham: About ATM PIN reversal, I am not sure but hoax-slayer site says technology exists, but no bank, not even in US, has implemented it.

    Yes, I got over trauma. Sometimes you learn woth bad experiences, thank god, my experience was small one.

    @Alice: I am angry too. Not at those thiefs but at police who abets in the crime. I was sitting, couldn’t have kicked him. 😦 Which higher authority? I couldn’t find any solution on this. It only works to some extent when newspaper reports.

  6. 7 Nita January 20, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    Sad to hear about your experience Poonam and am glad that you are safe. This is a very good post and very helpful to others, although I feel giving the name of the road will help further.
    These kind of things happen in our country all the time and we have to depend on ourselves most of the time, not the police.

  7. 8 Oxy January 20, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    I won’t say such incidences are appalling. They are norms. But it’s the network of Police-Criminals and the attitude of commoner which has made these things a norm.

    I read each and every word here and bravo for the tips you offered. Very meticulously written.

  8. 9 Reema January 20, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    OMG! Horrible experience.
    Its true. Police and these thieves work together. The police men try to not to register FIR as far as possible and even if they do its of no use. Recently in my town a gang of auto rickshaw drivers were caught who were robbing people in evening time. Chain snatching is a common event here.
    Thanks for the tips.

  9. 10 Dev January 20, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Oh, that was one hell of an experience. Iam glad that you shared your story with us, though I will advice not to get physical with such rowdies if it happens to any girl. It’s better to let it go at that moment and just notice their numbers/faces etc. I mean who knows what kind of weapons these people may have.

  10. 11 Solilo January 21, 2009 at 4:52 am

    That is so sad, Poonam. From your post it is clear that more than the theft it is the attitude of those policemen which hurt you.

    Another fact why police is so casual is they are at the bottom of pay scale and hardly make anything to meet their ends. This way they play accomplice to small time chors. As you mentioned there was a police chowki nearby, I am sure they knew the robbers.

    Useful tips! Pepper spray is a must everywhere. India or abroad.

  11. 12 Liju Philip January 21, 2009 at 5:54 am

    Delhi is anyway known as the ‘crime capital of India’. Maids slitting the throats of their owners and decamping with all the money. Women molested/raped in full daylight. Am not surprised if all this happens with the clear knowledge of the police. The majority of the law enforcement is anyway sucking upto the babus and politicians.

    Delhi has a lot of floating population from various states and this could be a reason for the majority of crime, but that doesn’t answer why Bombay is relatively crime free compared to Delhi.

    Tk care and try to avoid dimly lit streets and travel in groups if possible.

  12. 13 Smita January 21, 2009 at 9:38 am

    Everytime I hear one incident of a good policeman, I hear 4 more of bad ones. Everytime I think that we are moving towards being better citizens I see 10 people standing up against us and creating barriers infront of us.

    Ur experience for sure has been traumatic but the fact is that u tried your best to get things done the correct way. But as I said there are so many negative forces around us ki whatever progress we make is negated.

    Thanks for all the tips dear but the fact is we are weak against the whole nexus 😦

  13. 14 Poonam Sharma January 21, 2009 at 9:47 am

    @Nita: Yes, sad thing is these things happen a lot of times. Road is not important, because it happened in a residential colony, something that can happen anywhere in Delhi. Yet anyone who wants to know, I will email. I do not want to give my residential details away.

    @Oxy: sadly they are ‘norm’, how I wish they weren’t. Thanks you appreciate the tips offered, please feel free add some, if any come to your mind.

    @Reema: Actually Delhi sees it all: auto-rickshaws/buses/trucks being robbed. Chain snatching can happen even in broad daylight in front of house. It has hapened. And yet no FIR. I would be glad to know if tip could help you. Get a pepper spray, its a must for oour own safety.

    @Dev: You are right, getting physical is no solution. It could ahve resulted in bodily harm. For example, I was pulling back my wallet out of reflex action, but the guy could ahve then easily punched me hard. It was hard to noice anything in dar, my sis didnt know what was happening to me. 😦

    @Solilo: Yes, honestly, I didnt lose anything precious except some documents. It was the police that irked me. I am filled with disgust at our law enforcement. I feel vulnerable because this can happen again to anyoone: me or my near and dear ones but I can’t do anything for there is no law enforcement. I am bothered by this lack of support system. I can only think of prevention and coping but I have no remedies to offer.

    yaar, lw pay is just is not a valid reason to indulge into corruption. 😦 we need a system overhaul, something citizens like us have no hand in. And in our country, we have so much of our resourcses that we could take advantage of it, but yet police departments remain understaffed.

    @Liju: Street this happened on was very well-lit and full of people. It was just a dark patch near apartment because of no stret light. These guys took advantage of that and I couldn’t have thought in my dreams that such a residential colony could be susceptible to robbery. 😦 yes, they clal delhi a ‘crime capital’. 😦

    @Smita: You are right about the nexus. We do the best we can. Seek out journalists for such occasion. When I read your post about scooty, I did think of my experience. Like you, I refuse to bribe and have faced several problems.One day I will write about amy all such experiences.

  14. 15 Solilo January 21, 2009 at 10:19 am

    I know Poonam. Low pay is definitely not an excuse for ineptness. What I pointed out is that these constables don’t have the urge to do their duty because there isn’t any perk.

    Our Govt. revises pay scale every year but the top level IPS gets big hike and constables still live through measly pay. Most times this leads to go hand in hand with small time chors and robbers.

    It is sad! and scary because it can happen again.

  15. 16 Chirag January 21, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Poonam sliver lightning here is you are safe and touchwood this should remain that way. Well i can understand the frustration beneath talking to the Cops, there just is no point. They don’t care anymore now its not even money they just have stopped caring. As for the tips Definitely carry pepper spay or something.

  16. 17 sulz January 21, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    so sorry to hear about your bad experience and the one after that caused you more emotional distress for not doing what you really wanted to. chalk this down to experience, and should you ever experience this again (touch wood) you’d know better about following your instincts.

  17. 18 Nimmy January 21, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    Aagrrrhh..Thatz a sad state of affairs..Bad that it happened to you,but atleast you tried your best to fight back the way you could..

    Thansk for those reminders,but i hope it doesn’t happen to me anyday,for not the money,but for the shame of being a part of such a system..Actually,we don’t bother to go back of the rest of precedings,that the robbers find it easy to get away from all these cases..Once we the public chage that attitude and instead help each other in such cases,crimes will come down on its own.Well atleast tahtz how i understand it..

    Forget the whole episode except the lessons learned..((hugs))

  18. 19 Arpit January 21, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    i read the mail
    that road is quite a busy one ….besides there is a police check post too!
    ghosh , you shouted and then also those sleepy policemen were not alarmed .disgusting!
    i doubt ….that must be a chowki without any policemen ?

  19. 20 vimal January 22, 2009 at 2:36 am

    The sad part is not where you lost your money, but where you had to give up your principles, where you couldnt stand up for what you believed in !

    Three months back, my dad was pickpockted. After blocking his cards, he approached the nearest police station where he was apparently asked the exact location of the robbery. My dad had no idea (obviously!) and it seems the police official refused to lodge a complaint on those grounds. It seems there are three police stations in n around that area and unless the complainant comes with the exact location, they wouldnt be able to decide which station could handle the case.

  20. 21 eye-in-sty-in January 22, 2009 at 8:44 am

    two line of thoughts

    Line 1. The police were simply trying to avoid useless work. If you write “2 guys on a bike” – it means there is some lead to the case and the police have to pursue it. They have to document it and the FIR cannot be closed unless records of followups are shown. It takes away police time.

    Line 2. As there were 4 cops at ur place to get the FIR, they didnt have any workto do. So they are probably a bunch of lazy asses! You should have filed an FIR as it is. When they call, say that you cannot identify anyone. Remember, they WORK for you! not the other way around!

    It is a frightening experience indeed. My car stereo was stolen and the police van passed a minute after the incident. Instead of hot pursuit, they chose to ask dumb questions and then pursued at 5 KMPH. I was convinced they were in cahoots with the robbers. Needless to add, we never recovered the stereo.

  21. 22 Nova January 22, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Hey very sorry to hear of your loss. I am aware that more than money it is the documents we keep (PAN card, DL etc) which are difficult to get back and re-issuing is a lot of pain!!

    I was just going through wiki and apparently, a non cognizable offence can not be logged in as an FIR, which probably means that FIR was never lodged, because it is a lenghty process to lodge an FIR for a non-cognizable offence!

    Check this out..

    Now this said… I am not siding with the police… but, I was just thinking out loud… What else could they have done? Ok so they get a count of mishaps and crimes in the area, but they does not help protect you or anybody else living in that area. Yeah I agree police maybe involved in this whole thing… but there is also a chance that they truly dont know who are these people… until someone recognises the thieves, what other way there is?

  22. 23 Alice January 22, 2009 at 11:15 am

    why don’t you get in touch with the media!!! this incident has been going on in my mind since quite sometime and it is really annoying me to no ends…grrr…

  23. 24 Poonam Sharma January 22, 2009 at 11:33 am

    @Solilo: I know what you mean. I understand it could be a cause.

    @Chirag: You are bang on. Our law enforcement officials do not care for us. Money does perk them now and then.

    @sulz: yes, it hurts not to do what I wanted to.

    @Nimmy: THnaks for the hugs. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody. Yes, public need to help one another.

    @Arpit: To be fair, police chckpost was far off. But then no people came to help either nor did I linger at the same place. I came back to my house to call banks.

    @Vimal: Yes, you made an important point. Jurisdiction of what thana is very importnant, even in cases of rape and murder, police fight over jurisdiction. In the process, common man gets hassled. Just a way to harrass us. Sad to hear about your father.

    @eye-in-sty-in: Your first line of thought is absolutely correct. THey didnt want to pursue it, and they are in cahoots with thieves.And I had called 100, that is monitored by senior officials, they came out of curiosity, noone cared.

    @Nova: You are right, its not a FIR, one that doesnt need them to take any action. The police NCR copy that they gave me reads:

    First Information Report
    For Non Cognizable Offence
    Under Section 155 CR. P. C.

    What could police do? They could do a lot. One they could order a roundabout of all those who operate in the area. Trust me, they know. 5 years back, it had happened and knowing someone in police had helped then. Police could get the goods back if not spent. Secondly, as I said there is police checkpost on same road where this happened, no self-respecting policeman allows such goons to run in their area without knowledge. They know. Thirdly, its not a random act out of blue. In most residential colonies, such gangs operate with good frequency.

    @Alice: I did. Apparently it was too late and too common a news for my friend’s editor to allow a byline next day.

  24. 25 Nikhil January 22, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    Jeez!! What a world we live in! Pathetic!

  25. 26 Prerna January 22, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    I agree with Chirag, the most important thing is that you are safe.
    Liju Philip, I don’t know about Delhi being the crime capital of India, yesterday Shiv Sainiks attacked Hotel Intercontinental, a day before Narayan Rane’s supporters attacked a news papers office, a few months ago what Raj did was in the lime light.I agree with Nita,these kind of things happen in our country all the time.

  26. 27 workhard January 22, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    im so sorry, but the tips that u gave are good, im too paranoid about carrying personal belongings

  27. 28 amreekandesi January 23, 2009 at 4:25 am

    Sorry to hear about this experience, and not much surprised at the way the police reacted, which is unfortunate.

    Actually i am surprised that they came to your home to take the FIR and didnt make you come to the station.

    As regards the police/criminal nexus, it very much exists. If we know someone to pull the strings, the police can retrieve stolen items with ease. I have heard many stories, including one where a journalist’s stolen bike magically reappeared after the ‘i am from media…’ threat.

    The tips you list are comprehensive and a very useful compilation. I strongly recommend pepper spray. It can come in handy in such times.

  28. 29 Poonam Sharma January 23, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    @Nikhil: 😦

    @Prerna: I agree such things are happening in all cities and even towns. Yes, I do count being safe as one of my blessings.

    @workhard: How would ya manage that?

    @amreekandesi: They came to my hhouse because I dialled 100. In Delhi, it works. I think I will write a mini post about pepper spray buying guide. 😉

    And you are right, ‘i m from media’ threat does work. Sadly we always need to pull some strings or strings of our purse to get our work done. 😦

  29. 30 Anshul January 23, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    Test Comment – yes, sad state of affairs.

  30. 31 Joel January 23, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Oh that’s awful! Did they figure out who the snatchers where?

  31. 32 amit January 24, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    There is a very busy road in front of my house where chain snatching and robbery was becoming very common. So many reports accumulated that finally police had to give in and patrol around which thankfully decreased the incidents.
    I could never understand why no action was taken for months? Maybe the police was involved.
    Just let it be. Going to police is of no use. Its a big joke now. Just be happy that you are safe.

  32. 33 Amyth January 26, 2009 at 7:16 am

    Aww – Sorry to hear about your experience! 😦

    Only last week I heard about another of my friends – she had exactly the same experience. Bikers snatching away wallet from lady traveling on Auto-rickshaw. Seems to be a convenient mode of robbery with low risk! .. Anyway, thanks a ton for sharing the experience and more importantly the tips you gave out in the end are great..

  33. 34 praneshachar January 26, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    so sad to hear I can only sympathize with you for the loss. yes if u take good out of any bad event, it is good no untoward incident happens no punch on your face or god no other harmful material in their hands. your experience with police yes it happens, again good out of bad, very happy they all came to ur house to take a complaint and even FIR (for non cognizable crime) wad delivered to your house. kudos to them for that part. no major financial loss too there than 3k
    as your sis thought no other attempts and no doubt a suspicison arises on rickshaw puller too is he part of the conspiracy then it must be a regular link more dangerous. if police closes the cases like this who will investigate?
    lot of Q raises n no answers, your news paper report of the guy who lost the job and also robbed and also the condition at house really a great loss, are the employers not aware of this? his personal problem? no duty cast on them ? are they machines just look at one part of the coin only, let god give them strength to bear the loss and wish his wife will have a successful surgery and will get good donor too
    all the best
    have a great republic day too

  34. 36 Poonam Sharma January 28, 2009 at 10:09 am

    @Joel: Police did not act on it. It was a report for Non-cognisable offence that doesnt need to be investigated.

    @Amit: You too are saying dont go to police! So how were the thieves nabbed in your area?

    @Praneshachar: This is one big sad fact. You are on your own in this big world. Forget about employers, even friends and family sometimes can’t be there with you, as you would want. YOu are a kind person wishing a stranger. 🙂

    I hope you had a good Republic Day.

    @Usama Zia: Yet as others have pointed out, I am glad that both me and my sister are safe.

  35. 37 praneshachar January 30, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    May be true I may be a kind of person wishing stranger, but I dont consider him/her as a known or unknown when it comes to express my support or sympathies. yes may be it may be received well too, but if I just here something has happened to a person which harming not brought out the desired result. in each sbu to sort out this.
    we must share reciprocate both in time disgtress and joy thats life

  36. 38 the mad momma February 2, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    oh gosh! what a scary and awful thing to happen. and yet so common in Delhi… I’m glad you’re okay though.

  37. 39 Monica February 6, 2009 at 1:22 am

    I hear lot’s of stories like this, that’s why I have started carrying pepper spray ( 2bottles of 1pound- can handle 10 guys)and stun guns and always go on car. Never use public transport. You have to protect yourself. Anything can happen.

  38. 40 Poonam Sharma February 6, 2009 at 10:25 am

    @Praneshachar: I admire you for all-encompassing benevolence. 🙂

    @Mad Momma: Yes, I am glad to be safe. But what heppended to me is pretty common. Just a week later another friend, a guy, had his mobile snatched away by two guys on bike. We was talking on his phone, white his phone was snatched. This time it was anotehr busy road. He refused to even call police for sheer futility of it. 😦

    @Monica: After weighing several options, I too recommend buying a pepper spray. Do you know its not even easily avilable with the chemists as there is ‘no demand’. I am flabbergested at my city.

  39. 41 manushi February 6, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    ..i think the best way to deal with it is to be extra attentive and second to just beat these guys up….though at that particular moment you are almost in a state of shock…but i’ll be extra careful from now on.. this was an eyeopener.

  40. 42 B K CHOWLA February 9, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    I am sorry to note what happened, I hope all is well now.
    Delhi/NCR is already the crime capital and let us not be surprised that it is nexus of the Police and the Chor.
    Criminals move freely under the protection of the force which is supposed to protect the aam-aadmi.
    Not only Gurgaon-Delhi,Noida-Delhi route but even the busy roads are not safe in Delhi.I have expereinced a chase to my car from Chirag Dilli till Khanpur.I only know how and at what speed did I manage to drive to a safe place at midnight.State can not be depended upon to protect us.They are busy protecting the VIPs whom we voted in so that we could be protected…..but??????.
    On 7th Jan,I had written “BANK ROBBERIES” in my blog.You may want to read that.

  41. 43 Quirky Indian February 10, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Came here through the link you left on my blog. I can completely understand the frustration. At least you weren’t harmed in any way – I know Delhi can be quite dangerous for women.

    The police is always reluctant to file an FIR because it then becomes a part of official statistics, and reflects badly on the thana as long as it remains unsolved.

    We badly need police reforms in this country.

    Quirky Indian

  42. 44 Poonam Sharma February 10, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    @manushi: You bet I ma being extra-attentive. I size up all passer bys till I reach home at night , when I am returning from work.

    @B K Chawla: Police has claimed to nab some people for causing snatchings on a busy street in Delhi:

    But somehow its still not reassuring, as some of the victims insist they were not schoolchildren, as police says, but grown up men. I will check your post about bank robberies.

    @Quirky Indian: I guess everyone will agree with you that we need law enforcement reforms. Problem is how to begin with them, none of our politicians seem to have it on their agenda.

  43. 45 B K CHOWLA February 15, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    Were you able to check the post”BANK ROBBERIES” on my blog?

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