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Robbed on A Busy Street

jobless_robbedIt was this bit of local news that prompted me to write this post.  Do not dismiss this news story as just another crime. Crime sometimes walks right into you, your home. As it happened to me. In our Capital City, Delhi. Yes, here you go with my story. How I was robbed recently.

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What is Your Blogging Style?

I came across this useful presentation about blogging styles on slideshare:

It has three parameters to evaluate each blogging style:

  • Max times per week: How many times a blogging style should be used in a week
  • Buzz index: How a blogging style can impact link love and number of comments
  • Difficulty: How much originality and effort is required to use a particular blogging style

I usually do feature blogging and insight blogging, interspersed with evangelist blogging. I have done meme blogging only once and then too I did not tag anyone. I rarely used life blogging style. And though for many days now, I have been thinking to do link blogging (you see I am champion web surfer 8) ), but I have never yet done it because I am lazy. What this means? Link blogging should be soon up on Visceral Observations. 😛

If you have read so far and not understood my previous paragraph, it means you need to see this presentation. 😛

P.S: This was also an old draft that I made a month ago but never finished it due to lack of motivation. Hope to convert all drafts into posts soon. 🙂

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