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Where Have I Been?

For past few months, I have been working hard to resolve all outstanding issues in my personal life. I hoped to do two things: Get a house deal done and also to sort out wrinkles in my relationships. I failed in both. 😦 Until now.

At night, I could not sleep even with a tired body. A skin analysis test revealed that I had started developing dark circles. I fervently hoped at nights that someday someone would invent an anesthesia for the troubled heart and mind. I thought best way to be in peace would be to get shot straight through aching heart or throbbing temple. It was bad.

My parents were visiting. That should have been a good thing. But they had a business for their visit and And they were doing that business for me. They were doing their best to finish it. However, I couldn’t tell my parents about the mental turmoil I faced and I couldn’t find peace within. When they left last weekend, I felt worse.

Those of you, who have been reading my blog, know that I wanted to buy a house, I came close to doing a house deal. It went bust due to various reasons. 😦

As if this was not enough, I dropped my phone inside water tub. My handset was working shakily when I started it after heating it slightly by the candle. However, I needed my phone to work immediately. My parents were traveling thousand miles away. What if they want to contact me?

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