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Official Author Web sites

The idea of this post originated while I was surfing through various author site looking for some useful stuff. I felt most official Web sites of celebrities are devoid of any substance. They are almost always mundane, put up as a promotional exercise or a money-making enterprise. While some make a beutiful web site with little content. Here is a Web site review of few mainstream authors.

J. K. Rowling

This billionaire writer, who has recently been news more for the controversies she evoked than the books she wrote, has a amazingly designed Web site. However, it can be bit slow to download on slow connections. It also provides you five other language options (which were of no use to me, though 🙂 ).

This site does not seem to be updated very often. You can find a brief biography of J. K. Rowling with her pictures in an animated diary. Butterflies, spiders and bugs move occasionally on the web site, making the design interesting. 🙂 And you bet, there is a member’s section called W.O.M.B.I.T.

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Create Your Own Postcards

I stumbled upon this Create Your Postcard website. Some of the postcard caught my attention for their messages. Here is one of them:

Postcard 1

You too can create and put your postcard up there. You can also send these card to your friends. Read the motto of this web site here at What’s the issue?

Tell me what you think of the postcards on this site?

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