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Movie Review: Sex and the City

Ok, I admit it is tamer and less gutsy than Sex and the City (SATC) soap episodes. The movie is about girlish vanity and their ongoing search for the perfect man in their lives. Yet movie was fun to watch. There were moments we were in splits.

This movie may not be upto all Indian tastes (I am referring to some prudish line of thoughts in my country.) It is refreshing to watch some female bonding after having a heavy dose of male bonding movies. No wonder movie theater had more of female audience. At a funny scene, women who were strangers before the movie would feel camaraderie with the one sitting next to her and in general. 🙂

Movie takes off from where last season of the SATC (6th season) ended. Girls are now 40+, with two of them settled with their beaus. Samantha is the only girl out of the four friends who has retained most of her brashness. She still tells her man non-nonchalantly, ” I love you. But I love myself more.” This could be one of the most effective dumping lines. 😛

Miranda, the corporate lawyer is as logical as she used to be. Charlotte is onto motherhood, living her favorite dream. Samantha nymphomaniac appetite has not decreased. I am not writing anything about Carrie Bradshaw, you would better find about her from the movie. You can see the familiar sight (from SATC episodes) of all four designer-clothes clad friends lamenting, gossiping around a dinner table. They still stick to each other through thick and thin. A Louis Vitton bag is still the most prized possession. Malono Blahnik and Jimmy Choos still find their way into their conversation.

The only obvious difference between SATC episodes and movie is that men are no longer easily “disposable” and girls are no longer polygamous. Yet there is much to watch for: love, hurt, friendship, labels, infidelity (yes), fears, loneliness and emotions. All in all, very watchable and laughable. 🙂

Rating: 3.5/5 (Mostly for laughter it elicits)

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