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Ruminations in Sweltering August

Like several other sporadic bloggers, I too disappeared. L Some of you have been knocking at my blog, putting me to shame. I am now shamed enough to write my random ruminations.

Firewall has been installed at work, my blogs gets less attention now. (Perhaps my boss is reading this, and speculating doing what my blogging has to do with firewall at work. God forbid!) I have a pathetically slow wireless connection at home. Because it is so slow, I am unable to download anything at home. Therfore, I never reach my 1 GB download limit. It is too late when I reach home after four hours of commute. And then I am too tired to work on my laptop. For this reason, I have not been able to keep any of my blogging resolutions this year. Forgive me, if you find my comments missing from your blog for some while. I am hitting them less lest they are blocked at workplace. I want to keep reading you.

Last week was mildly depressing. There was this firewall. Slideshare, youtube, chats, and orkut are blocked. I don’t care much if you block chat and orkut, but youtube and slideshare are beneficial and educational. And I resent anything impinging my freedom even if those are the services I do not need.

This is August. Yet it is unbearably hot and humid in the city. Seems like courtesy global warming and climate change, we have only two seasons in this city: very hot summer and very cold winter. I am yet to remember what spring is like.

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