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May: Link Diary

May is an eventful month for me. My parents were married on 6th May decades ago. It is my father’s birthday on 8th May. Besides my personal landmarks, month of May had other landmarks too. One of them went unnoticed and other was over-hyped.

Sepoy MutinyMay 10 was anniversary of our first Indian war for independence. Remember Sepoy Mutiny that took place more than a century ago in Meerut. A march from Meerut to Delhi to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Sepoy Mutiny was planned. Plays and exhibition of rare photographs were also planned. But I am not sure if they materialized. Rishabh, from Jai Hind blog (where I too write sometimes), laments about us forgetting such a landmark event in our history. He reminds ominously of George Santayana ‘s quote
“A country without a memory is a country of madmen.” in the comments section.

Here is a Mother’s day post that I stumbled upon while surfing. I thought it to be very insightful and different than a run-of-the-mill Mother’s Day post. It makes a point with faint humor and grace.

We all have heard about rape sometime or other. We all know it is a traumatizing experience. But we can’t fathom how much. A 5-part real-life account of how rape impacts your life has been published by a rape victim surviver, Joanna Connors, who is a reporter with Plain Dealer. I am usually a detached reader to protect myself from feeling too much. Because too emotional things play on my mind and if I can’t help them, they distress me. I read with curiosity, to find out facts and lessons. But despite best efforts, I ended up being very moved. I felt vulnerable. I felt it could be me. oh, believe me, it is not a sob story but a story of a surviver who decided to make peace with the event that scarred her life. She decided to track down her rapist. It is a rare story, read it here at Beyond Rape: A survivor’s Journey.

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