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The Alphabet Tag – R and G

I had been voluntarily tagged ages ago by museditions to write 10 things I love with letter ‘R’.

Racket/Racquet: This is significant, for it marks my brief sporting career in badminton. Who knows, I could have been named next after Prakash Padukone if I had continued. 😉

Raconteur: You bet, I would say this, I love stories, so I have to love story-tellers. I appreciate all the local, amateur talent as well.  Mark Twain and Ruskin Bond and are few of my favorite raconteurs.
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World Environment Day!

June 5 is World Environment Day. This year’s World Environment theme is to have a low carbon economy. The slogan is: Co2: Kick the Habit.

Few days back, I had also found a cute, kids game called Toxic Town. It tells you all the sources of carbon emissions including innocent ones like cow’s fart. Have a look at the game by clicking the image below.

One of the important mantras of a great environment is Recycle. So I decided to recycle my five old posts on Environment. (I know that was a cheesy introduction, that was to make you smile. Now you did! ) Some of these posts (like ragpickers) are really close to my heart.

My first Go Green Post: I included a photo feature from TIME and a google video of Al Gore‘s controversial documentary An Inconvenient Truth. In the comments section, I found Shromon who then promised to write this post about how carbon credit works.

Blog Action Day Post: For Blog Action Day, I wrote a collection of links for green games or other games that taught children about green environment.

Ban that Bulb: This post was written to encourage the use of CFLs instead of incandescent bulbs. Check out the stats for bulbs in Delhi in the post. Avoid zero watt bulbs too. Sometimes, when my folks bring that bulb home, I quietly change it. Don’t keep chargers and TV cables plugged in when not in use, they too use electricity. I included this amazing Common Craft video that tells you why CFLs are beneficiary in long run.

Hail Our Ragpickers: This is my favorite post, one that I wrote for my other team blog Its A Free World. You would be surprised to know how these kids are mistreated when they keep our cities clean. This old post, still generates comments from some citizens who are willing to pitch in. You can find out the links to related NGOs in the comment section of this post.

World Earth Day post: It has four videos about environment from One-minute video Environment contest.

Ragpickers: Hail Them and Save Them!

Girl RagpickerAfter posting this picture of ragpicker girl in my Children’s Day post, it was high time to write about ragpickers in Indian cities. This section constitutes of children and other marginalized poor of Indian society. The cause of ragpickers requires us to take issues like solid waste management seriously.

There will be several shocking facts to learn about this informal (because Indian government does not recognise it 😦 ) ragpicking industry that cleanses our environment and takes care of bulk of recycling.

Learn how insensitively the city, society, police, and municipality treats them.

Read the post here at It’s A Free World.

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