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Cricket-opedia Contest – Coming Soon

After MovieManix Awards, here is your turn to win prizes by answering simple questions about cricket.

Cric_posterCricket Poster courtesy Allposters

The contest will be up right here on Visceral Observations by tomorrow.

What’s more, You can Win Prizes!

Yes, you heard it right. The prizes are being sponsored by Virgin-IHL. You can check out more about them here.

Coming soon…Watch this space. 🙂

Book Review: Watership Down


This book is said to be a celebrated British Classic. It is a tale of survival of a group of wild rabbits. These rabbits migrate from their warren (rabbit colony) in search of a safer haven. They eventually establish their own warren called Watership Down.

This book is written by Richard Adams, who first recounted this tale to his two daughters to pass time. His daughters urged him to write this book. The book was later converted into a movie, which I am told, did not work. It was also adapted into a television series.

The rabbit characters in are Watership Down lovable. They are all human-like, that is writer has anthropomorphised. It was interesting to read about a man from rabbit’s point of view. Bigwig and Hazel were my favourite characters.

Adams based his descriptions of wild rabbit behaviour on British naturalist Ronald Lockley’s book The Private Life of the Rabbit (1964). Adams has also credited Lockley in his book.

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Happy Republic Day!

Republic day 2008

 Republic Day Parade at New Delhi

Happy Republic Day!

Like us, Australians also celebrated Australia Day today. Happy Australia Day to Aussies too!

It was interesting and bafflingly to read in newspaper how some youngsters did not know basic facts about Republic Day. I searched Republic Day quizzes to test my knowledge. This was a sub-par quiz I found that gave me this result message:

Republic day quiz result

Given, for such an easy quiz, this message is little too gracious. But this Infosys HR chief seems to have a cracked a really good republic quiz conducted by CNN-IBN. Also, I do not equate having knowledge of republic day to patriotism. Having said that, it is kinda blasphemous to not to know about National landmark days in history.

What do you say?

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