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Movie Review: Gulaal


I decided to watch Gulal this weekend despite all my friends not wanting to watch it. They preferred 13B. šŸ˜¦ My decision to forgo 13B was justified.

The movie plot is multi-layered. A murky world of student politics that is linked with an innocent boy Dileepā€™s love story. Anuragā€™s movie is an open satire on lawlessness rampant in small towns. Police is wimp, easily bought. Politics is rife with pointless bloodshed and personal ambitions. Cause itself is insignificant. Story though is set in Rajasthan, yet same could be translated to any other part of India. And then the love story that has all shades.

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Blogging is Not Only About Ranting

Blog Effect

Blog Effect

I admit I do no longer derive happiness from blogging. I sometimes feel it is futile expression of my thoughts. Buck stops at just expression of thoughts.

These are helpless times. I have read hundreds of blogs condemning comments by Sanjay Dutt/Manyata or condemning Managlore incident or condemning NDTVā€™s patronising of a blogger. Needless to say, I support all these causes. I, too, want to put a stop to criminalisation of politics. I detest all the regressive thought processes. I detest hurting innocent people irrespective of gender/region/religion in name of ā€˜cultureā€™. I detest it that a very-champion-of-free-speech spawns to seize freedom of speech of other, when faced with criticism.

Now that I have firmly established that I am with these thousands of bloggers, what else can I do? We need to do something else, because our politicians are clearly not listening to us. Ours rants are limited to blogosphere, at best we find a tid-bit space in newspaper. They are ineffectual.

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