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A to Z of My Few Favorite Movies

Lallopallo tagged me to write A-Z of my favorite movies. I could not come up with worthwhile movies for these letters: Q, X, Y and Z. I might update them later.

I had several favorites, but I have wrote what came to my mind first. That is determined by 2 things:

a) Irrespective of the time I watched the movie, it left an indelible impression on my mind due to story/character/actor

b) I have watched this wonder recently 🙂  So, forgive me, guys for being partial for I have many, many favorites 🙂

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20 Search Engines That You Can Use

I wrote in my personal resolutions post that I will do some link blogging, that is share some knowledge about links that I know about. Here is first link blogging post about various search engines that you can use. If you have your own experiences to share about any of these search engines, your views are welcome. 🙂

Alternative Search Engines to Google

Search Mash


A compact sear engine that will bring you results from all: blogs, videos, music…with a single click. You can play the video right there in the sidebar of your window by clicking the video thumbnail.

Search Crystal

Search Crystal LogoYou can compare the results of your search from various search engines like Google, Yahoo, flickr, msn, ask in the same window. You can add this as a widget in your blog, web site. It is available on Facebook as well.


Sputter logoSearch everything in one place: Google, Snap, yahoo, stumbleupon,, Twitter, Flickr, Newsvine, Amazon, ebay, Cnet, imdb, and so on. I am tired, can not possibly list all of them together. Make this your homepage.


Quintura logo

It is a visual search engine, you can deepen your search using the tags that appear as word cloud. There is also a version available for kids.

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