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Of Blogging and Interviews…

After inactivity for long time at BaB (Being A Blogger), there are two great interviews.

One is Sidin (of Domain Maximus)’s interview by Sandeep. Sidin also writes weekly humorous columns at Rediff.

Other is blogger Meetu (of Without Giving the Movie Away) ‘s interview at BaB. Meetu runs a wonderful movie review blog, it is one-stop-shop to find all movie reviews. Amitabh Bachchan too linked to her review. Gandhi, My Father’s cinematographer David McDonald was compelled to write a comment in response to her review. I, too usually agree with her movie reviews. 🙂

Have great time reading both the interviews,

Sidin’s Interview

Meetu’s Interview

Your feedback on both the interviews is appreciated.

Before signing off, I came across this interesting site called TagCrowd, where you can put your website or blog, and see tag cloud of all words that commonly appear in your blog. It was interesting to see the tag crowd it generated for my blog.

Interview of a Cartoonist at BaB

I finally managed to post interview of Anshul Maheshwari of on my long forgotten-now revived Being a Blogger (BaB) blog.

BAB logo

Anshul talks in this interview how the idea of merchandise came into his mind out of his blogging experience. And how he seeks inspiration for his daily cartoons on his blog. He reiterates something important in his interview that most of my previous interviewees have stated. This is a statement that instills fear in me. 😛 And that scary quote is:

“I delete only those blogs from my reader that are not regularly updated.”

I know, I know I have updated my blog less frequently past few days. But that is because I am tied up and do not want to publish posts that do not have quality content. I have a commitment (my new year resolutions) to get my blogging act together, give me time. I should soon be out with a solution.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate your comments on Anshul’s interview here on BaB.

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