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Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday! And today is my birthday! 🙂 We both are aquarians. 🙂

Two of my favorite friends-Rashmi and Anurita are also getting married today-One of them is also my school buddy. Congratulations to them! 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!This day was also birthday of Thomas Alva Edison. He was a genius and dyslexic. I share my birthday with two other friends – Aman and Jagdeep! Happy Birthday to ya too, girls!

So what are my plans for the day? Nothing. I am at work as usual. Perhaps I will leave a wee bit early. But that’s about it. Neither my family nor most of my close friends are in the city! Those that are here are working at far off places that it is hard to meet up for dinner and drinks without screwing up next day at work. I too like it this way. 🙂 So here am I wishing myself, and raising a toast to my year ahead.

Thanks guys, all of you who wished me best of the day and year. Of bloggers, it was a pleasant surprise to receive sms from Ish. How did he know? Facebook, you see! 🙂 Thanks, Dev for the scrap.

P.S: I gifted myself a book called “A Guide to Naughty Girl’s Life“. Ha ha!

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