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Movie Review: pk

Pk has distinct Rajkumar Hirani signature – use of sweet satire. It is an art he excels in as evidenced by all his movies such as Munnabhai and 3 idiots. His characters always have unfortunately funny names (Remember Phunsukh Wangdu or Circuit). Now, we have Pk and Jaggu (Anushka) – you’ll need to watch the movie to find out her real name tho. And these characters are most loving iconoclasts you’ll ever come across.Pk poster

The movie is about an alien, Pk, who literally arrives naked on mother earth on his spaceship. However, the remote of his spaceship is promptly stolen by being of earth and hereby he is left stranded on this planet (gola, as he calls it) without a way to return home. Thus, begins his exploration of seemingly weird customs of earth to get back his remote. He learns to steal clothes and money from a ‘dancing car’ (you’ll have to find that out for yourself :giggles:) , check-in Dilli thanas for shelter and then he hears that all answer to his problems lie with someone called Bhagwan  – only one who could help him. So starts his quest for God. He is baffled by customs of different religions and sure enough is soundly thrashed by all of them. Eventually, he realises, there are many Gods, and each has established a ‘company’ of its own. They are all managed by different managers who have created conflicting, confusing rules.

Enter, Anushka err Jaggu whose superstitious family devoutly prostrates before a rich, Hindu guru, Tapasvi, played by roly-poly Saurabh Shukla. Between Jaggu, Pk and Tapasvi, when they meet, it is only your guess what capers will take place.

Hirani has once again questioned social norms, this time religion and also how we value Gandhi. (I love that scene.) Atheists are complaining that why was he not brave enough to question the existence of God, but I think he was questioning only religion and not the existence of God. His mettle lies in being able to mock all religions with love. 🙂

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Ruminations in Sweltering August

Like several other sporadic bloggers, I too disappeared. L Some of you have been knocking at my blog, putting me to shame. I am now shamed enough to write my random ruminations.

Firewall has been installed at work, my blogs gets less attention now. (Perhaps my boss is reading this, and speculating doing what my blogging has to do with firewall at work. God forbid!) I have a pathetically slow wireless connection at home. Because it is so slow, I am unable to download anything at home. Therfore, I never reach my 1 GB download limit. It is too late when I reach home after four hours of commute. And then I am too tired to work on my laptop. For this reason, I have not been able to keep any of my blogging resolutions this year. Forgive me, if you find my comments missing from your blog for some while. I am hitting them less lest they are blocked at workplace. I want to keep reading you.

Last week was mildly depressing. There was this firewall. Slideshare, youtube, chats, and orkut are blocked. I don’t care much if you block chat and orkut, but youtube and slideshare are beneficial and educational. And I resent anything impinging my freedom even if those are the services I do not need.

This is August. Yet it is unbearably hot and humid in the city. Seems like courtesy global warming and climate change, we have only two seasons in this city: very hot summer and very cold winter. I am yet to remember what spring is like.

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