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Fire-ed Up Politicians

We all know how our politicians are corrupt and how massacres are staged by them for their gain. Recently I came across one such story.

3 slum-dwelling areas in Delhi were hit by fire. Fire brigade did not arrive for atleast an hour!

It was fishy considering that the Fire Brigade had arrived last evening in the slum at the behest of some fire rumors. Our ever-efficient TV news channels too were quick to publicise the rumors as ‘breaking news’.


Dharavi slum fire picture courtsey this Mumbai blogger

When a single Fire Brigade van finally arrived after an hour, half the slums could have been salvaged. But angry slum-dwellers were busy beating the fire-fighting van driver and firefighters because they were late! Frightened, all the other fire brigade vans stood outside the slum.

The slum dwellers were understandably agigated and angry. However, some of them were NOT surprised. They knew it had to happen sometime before elections. It has happened before in 2004. Timing is just too predictable. They ahd been almost waiting for it.

These people predicted the sequence of the events from this point, which is exactly how the events unfolded.

Politicians from loacal area arrive > Fire Brigadev vans run behind him (by this time whole slum is burnt to ashes) > Then comes a bread van (to distribute bread obviously) > The milk van arrives > Next blanket van expected to arrive.

These slum dwellings are predominantly occupied by minorities, so no guesses on which ‘secular party’ that will be dedicatedly involved in the ‘relief work’.  By the time election will arrive here, which is on 7th May, they will have ‘earned’ their votes by hard work.

Bread, milk and blanket. What more could you need? It doesn’t matter if you have no place to go and hide in heat after having all your belongings and house burnt down? Relocate, rebuild on the promises of pukka home in future.  Till then elections will ahve happened, and your ‘secular’ representative elected. 😦

Dare to Stand, Dare to Die?

I have always spoken how only writing about issues may not be enough. We may need to be part of the system, such as be in politics. Having said that, I have always known that it is easier said than done. One reason I can’t join politics is that I need a regular income to pay off my bills and loans. I don’t have enough money and time it takes to campaign. I am not alone in it, it is same with almost all of us aware citizens.

There is another bigger reason for our aversion to take part in Indian politics, which we all know but are shy to admit it. Standing up in political arena against corrupt biggies is also about risking your life. Just as Bahadur Sonkar, Lok Sabha (LS) candidate from Indian Justice Party (IJP) candidate found out hard way.

Bahadur,  a Dalit leader who was contesting in LS elections from Jaunpur constituency in Uttar Pradesh, was found hanging from a tree near his home on 14 April, 2009. His chief opponent was BSP’s Dhanajyay Singh, who is a Don-turned-politician.

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Wish We Had More Leaders Like This!

How many politicians do we have in this country who would pay for their own guest’s expenses? I have seen several instances on TV where politicians instruct Public Sector Units (PSUs) to pay for their family’s expenses. Ever saw Shekhar Suman’s Pol Khol? There you would have a deeper glimpse how skilled Indian leaders are at misusing taxpayer’s money and government resources for their own means. Their wives use official cars for shopping and office chauffeur regularly drops their kids at school. Probably, like me, you would not believe that there is one Indian leader who does not use official car for his personal purpose. Yes, there is one.

I came across this article by Fali S. Nariman that states two non-frilly real incidents depicting the integrity and honesty of this Indian leader: Ex-President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

I was very sad the day some politicians came out in front of camera and advised ex-President Abdul Kalam to step down from Presidency “gracefully.” No brownies to take a guess what was the track record for these politicians. Chara-Ghotala accused Lalu Prasad Yadav was one of the front-running politicians who spewed venom against ex-President Abdul Kalam on that eventful day.

Sad our country could not have the President its people wanted, rather had to comprise with a politician who was perhaps the fifth or sixth choice of the coalition government parties. Trust a coalition government to make mockery of democracy!

Wish we had more leaders like Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

P.S: Does anyone know what is this Times of India’s “Lead India” campaign about?

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