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Links Galore: From Memory, Entertainment to Career

I always feel vulnerable about loss of my memory. Irrational fears (I like to believe that they are irrational) like having Alzheimer’s keeps me taking up mnemonics tutorials. That’s how I stumbled to this 2-minute youtube video about 5 ways to boost your memory.

I then came across this wonderful Web site that enlightens me how my brain works. It is book called Brain Rules written by molecular microbiologist, John Medina, in an accessible language. It details 12 ways that work for brain. One of them is that “exercise boosts brain power”. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 60%. Visit this Brain Rules, illustrative Web site. Surf the slides, chart and videos.

Presentation about 3 Brain Rules

So maybe now I should do these office exercises not only to avoid occupation hazards of a 9-hr job, but also to exercise my brain. Continue reading ‘Links Galore: From Memory, Entertainment to Career’

Fun Tools Online to Unleash Your Creativity

World Wide Web certainly has quite a few engaging tools.

Manga (as comics and printed cartoons are called in Japan) and anime (Japanese word for animation) have gained quite some popularity these days. First it was home-grown Sarnath Banerjee who wrote a graphic novel, then came Sanjay Patel who created manga about Hindu dieties. His illustrations in the book The Little Book of Hindu Dieties has earned good reviews from various fronts. I don’t know what RSS might say about this. Nor do I care what they think about it.

Though Sanjay Patel’s take on why he created this book does matter. It was his attempt to familiarize kids, especially ABCDs (American Born Confused Desis) to their Gods in a fun, interesting way. He self-published his first book. Look at his Web page to read more about how his book came into being.

So have you, like Patel, ever harbored the ambition to create your own cartoon graphix? Here are some fun tools: Check out this Web link. You can choose a layout, balloon type, and character to create your cartoon and print it. I could have created a whole comic book if they had some more choices of characters, balckgrounds etc. Still it was fun to print my graphix or mail them to friends. 🙂

Hmm… you can also create your own animated movie online. Go right here and start creating your movie. 🙂

That sparked my interest, I stumbled on these fun Web sites:

  1. Visit this Web page, make your choices, and create your movie. What’s more you can share it with your friends. 🙂 This Web site uses MovieMakerV2.0, upgraded versions are in offing.
  2. This is another crazy Web page, where you can create a Star War movie script just by choosing a few options.
  3. Once your movie is created, visit here to create a befitting poster for your movie. It just takes a few minutes to create one if you have your idea clearly in mind.
  4. You might get few more tips to create your poster at this blog.

If this post has sufficiently piqued your interest about animations and films, do Google some more tools and tips. And don’t forget to share them with me. 🙂

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