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Best of Blogging Cartoons!

I am a big fan of cartoons, here is a list of my favorite blogging cartoons from Rambling with Bellur (RwB) blog. These cartoons were part of Blog Cartoon series created by Bellur Ramakrishna on his blog.

Neel and Nala

Bloggers in Ramayana

Boost for Blogging!

Boost for Blogging!

Recipes For Blog

Blog recipes!

Compliant about Canteen!

Beware, will blog about it! (This could be for me 🙂 )


Low Stats Culprit WordPress!

Know Ya Well!

Bond with Blog!

Models Pose for Blog!

Models Pose for Blog!

Blogging Threat!

Blog Threat!

Cartoon 3

Most creative of all…Blog readers on …

Blogging is Not Only About Ranting

Blog Effect

Blog Effect

I admit I do no longer derive happiness from blogging. I sometimes feel it is futile expression of my thoughts. Buck stops at just expression of thoughts.

These are helpless times. I have read hundreds of blogs condemning comments by Sanjay Dutt/Manyata or condemning Managlore incident or condemning NDTV’s patronising of a blogger. Needless to say, I support all these causes. I, too, want to put a stop to criminalisation of politics. I detest all the regressive thought processes. I detest hurting innocent people irrespective of gender/region/religion in name of ‘culture’. I detest it that a very-champion-of-free-speech spawns to seize freedom of speech of other, when faced with criticism.

Now that I have firmly established that I am with these thousands of bloggers, what else can I do? We need to do something else, because our politicians are clearly not listening to us. Ours rants are limited to blogosphere, at best we find a tid-bit space in newspaper. They are ineffectual.

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Blogging Awards

It is high time I thanked graciously all the bloggers who have awarded me. Nita awarded me Brilliant blog award for my “brilliantly thoughtful posts” as she says. I am honored, specifically because, to me,  she is epitome of professional and most regular blogger I have ever known. She does it without any commercial interests. Yet, day after day she churns out informative and well-researched posts about India.

Vaibhav bestowed me with another Brilliant Weblog award and so did Roop.

Roop awarded me brilliant blog award in her painstakingly long post. You can find me at number 30 in her long list. 🙂 Thank you, Roop!

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Featured Interview at Being A Blogger

BAB logoToday’s guest on Being A Blogger (BaB) is Bellur Ramakrishna, better known to his friends as Rk (read Restricted Knowledge) ) Rk is the creator of the wonderful blog cartoons I posted few days back on Visceral Observations.

In this interview, Rk talks about how his blog Rambling with Bellur (RwB) has grown with guest bloggers, how he got a nice job break through his blog, story behind blog cartoons, blog addiction and the pleasure of reading blogs.

Read Rk’s interview here at Being A Blogger.

Swine Flu Diary

I sneezed.

Immediately I checked if my nails were blue and that if I could breathe properly. Now I definitely wasn’t getting fresh air. I was standing in queue at a closeted billing counter of a departmental store. It was definitely hard to breathe fresh air there.

Other than me, everyone wore masks both inside and outside the mall.  Why not, I am in swine flu capital, Pune. I have to check my symptoms at every sneeze or cough, to be sure.

I do carry a scarf these days to cover my mouth like a bandida, but it’s a suffocating feeling.

Interestingly, Pune girls, even before we had heard of swine flu, have been tying headscarves (instead of helmets) while driving as protection against pollution. Their headscarves are unique in that cover their entire face and head except eyes.

Pune Girls Wearing Headscarves

Pune Girls Wearing Headscarves - Pic courtesy Eric Parker's Photo stream

A new Police Commissioner tried to ban headscarves in vain, amidst the hue and cry of Pune girls. So, owing to use of these headscarves I think, Pune girls at least are safe from air-borne swine flu contamination. 🙂

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Of Good Days and Bad Days

worst-day-of-my-lifeCartoon by

I have usually never paid attention to how my day has been: good or bad. Even when my sister asks me everyday, how was your day. I tell her it was as usual. But sometimes your days go horribly wrong and one thing or one person can make a huge difference.

Like the day I told you I lost my jute bag. After I lost the bag, some more subtle and unpleasant things happened same day. While returning to home, I realised with shock that I had also lost 250GB hard disc that I kept in my bag! With this discovery, I was more than ready to wallow in self-pity.

By sheer instinct, I decided to go back to the restaurant at metro station where I had eaten a vegetable cutlet waiting for my colleague, my co-commuter. I half-heartedly asked the guys at the counter about a jute bag that I might have left in their eating area. They queerly looked at each others’ faces, and called other guys. Finally one guy asks me, What did you have in your bag? Inwardly I angrily thought they don’t even have it, yet I have to list the contents of my bag. But to my surprise, they had it!

My colleague was wrong when she said I had brought the bag to auto. I got all my things back. The guy at counter informed me that my bag had also caused a ‘bomb’ scare. Getting your things back after losing them once is a very happy phenomenon. So that was a day that started badly and ended on a happy note. 😀

having_a_bad_day_383115Cartoon from

It happened again.

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Nominations Completed

Hi guys!

Here is the existing list of nominations for Avant Garde Bloggies awards. Still counting…This list will be updated soon. This is the place where you can check out your competition. Please keep in mind that final nominations that will be open to polling will not be more than 6. In case we receive more than 6 nominations, it will be judges’ decision to choose best 6 for the second phase of polling. List of judges will be announced soon.

1. Most courageous post

First Breath After Coma
Author: T
Incest: Forced vs. Consensual
Author: Amit
The Vagina Dialogues (Nominated 2 times)
Author: Ideasmith
Clock Strikes One
Author: Mahak
Seed of Discord
Author: Reema
Let’s Talk about Porn
Author: Crazy Sam
You Can Click, Can’t You
Author: Rads
Need I Forgive?
Author: Roop
Eolke Stobblehouse and the Simple Nudes Movement
Author: Paul
Living with Consequences
Author: Disturbed Stranger
Author: Harsha
Wait, Are You Straight?
Author: Pavan
Confessions of a Non-Vegetarian
Author: Kriti

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Pilferage, Suicides and Diwali Anks

So I have been reading a lot to improve my ‘GK’. 😛 I have been reading several old Outlook magazines that I had subscribed but hadn’t had time to read. Thought I will do a roundup of articles that made an impact on me. Some of the news is a year old.

Grains rotting away, subsidies not reaching poor

I will start with my pet peeve. In a vast country like ours where millions starve, tonnes of food grains rot in rat-infested government godowns. On top of that, disbursed amounts of food grains do not reach poor.

According to planning Commission’s 11th (2007-12) report, only 6.1 million of 14.1 million tonnes, allocated to BPL (below poverty line) people, reached the target people in 2003-04. In 2005, only 42% of the subsidised grains issued reached people!

Reason: massive pilferage and diversion of grains. Bihar and Punjab top the list. When people go to fair price shop, they so not find their rations. This occurs in connivance with local politicians. On top of it, 40% of BPL cardholders are bogus. You now that report about rampant corruption in India by Transparency International stands correct (though there was never any doubt in my mind.) Once this situation had gone so bad, people started beating up fair price shop dealers in frustration in West Bengal.

One state that deserves a mention for dealing with this problem is Chattisgarh. Food grains are delivered at the door-steps of fair priced shops in GPS-enabled trucks. All the 10, 000 shops in the state are being uploaded online along with the complete list of BPL cardholders. Plan is to eventually track off take of food grains by all 32 lakh card holders. This process sounds good, but let’s see how soon and effectively is it implemented.

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Interview of a Cartoonist at BaB

I finally managed to post interview of Anshul Maheshwari of on my long forgotten-now revived Being a Blogger (BaB) blog.

BAB logo

Anshul talks in this interview how the idea of merchandise came into his mind out of his blogging experience. And how he seeks inspiration for his daily cartoons on his blog. He reiterates something important in his interview that most of my previous interviewees have stated. This is a statement that instills fear in me. 😛 And that scary quote is:

“I delete only those blogs from my reader that are not regularly updated.”

I know, I know I have updated my blog less frequently past few days. But that is because I am tied up and do not want to publish posts that do not have quality content. I have a commitment (my new year resolutions) to get my blogging act together, give me time. I should soon be out with a solution.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate your comments on Anshul’s interview here on BaB.

Fun Tools Online to Unleash Your Creativity

World Wide Web certainly has quite a few engaging tools.

Manga (as comics and printed cartoons are called in Japan) and anime (Japanese word for animation) have gained quite some popularity these days. First it was home-grown Sarnath Banerjee who wrote a graphic novel, then came Sanjay Patel who created manga about Hindu dieties. His illustrations in the book The Little Book of Hindu Dieties has earned good reviews from various fronts. I don’t know what RSS might say about this. Nor do I care what they think about it.

Though Sanjay Patel’s take on why he created this book does matter. It was his attempt to familiarize kids, especially ABCDs (American Born Confused Desis) to their Gods in a fun, interesting way. He self-published his first book. Look at his Web page to read more about how his book came into being.

So have you, like Patel, ever harbored the ambition to create your own cartoon graphix? Here are some fun tools: Check out this Web link. You can choose a layout, balloon type, and character to create your cartoon and print it. I could have created a whole comic book if they had some more choices of characters, balckgrounds etc. Still it was fun to print my graphix or mail them to friends. 🙂

Hmm… you can also create your own animated movie online. Go right here and start creating your movie. 🙂

That sparked my interest, I stumbled on these fun Web sites:

  1. Visit this Web page, make your choices, and create your movie. What’s more you can share it with your friends. 🙂 This Web site uses MovieMakerV2.0, upgraded versions are in offing.
  2. This is another crazy Web page, where you can create a Star War movie script just by choosing a few options.
  3. Once your movie is created, visit here to create a befitting poster for your movie. It just takes a few minutes to create one if you have your idea clearly in mind.
  4. You might get few more tips to create your poster at this blog.

If this post has sufficiently piqued your interest about animations and films, do Google some more tools and tips. And don’t forget to share them with me. 🙂

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