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Final Nominations in Avant Garde Bloggies Awards – 2009

About 300 Participants and 700 + nominations. Pruned down finally to 300+ in compliance with rules.

Note: 1. All series posts ( For example, Part 1, 2, 3 of a travel and story post) will be treated as one.

2. One person is eligible for nominations only in three categories. For those of you, who did not respond to emails from us, I have taken decision on my own.

3. Exception to Rule 2: It is only the people with several blogs have got 4 nominations. Avdi/Ava is an exception, she had 4 different niche blogs, hence, has got 5 nominations.

4. If you see an error in names of author or any duplication, let us know. Half of you didn’t let us know about the author of the posts, we have included what we could find from the blog.

5. All posts nominated in the categories of Best Consumer Rights Post and Best Music Review Post will directly go to polls (skipping the judgment step), since there are only 5/6 valid nominations in these categories.

6. Now this is over to judges listed here. They will take 15 days. After that there will be poll. It will take some time to decide, please bear with me with patience.

Next year, process needs to be automated, this is no longer one person job. Requires a team of dedicated people and processes. Would seek help from techies next year. Thanks! đŸ™‚

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