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Nominations for Avant Garde Bloggies Awards

am inviting nominations for Avant Garde Bloggies awards. The following are the award categories:

  1. Most courageous post
  2. Best short story post
  3. Best off-beat post
  4. Best book review post
  5. Best movie review post
  6. Most interesting tag post
  7. Best How-to post
  8. Most interesting personal rant post (sorry about carving out entertainment out of a rant)
  9. Best regional post (posts about cities, regions and cultures)
  10. Best current affairs post
  11. Most humorous post
  12. Best satirical post
  13. Best musical post
  14. Best visual post
  15. Best human interest story post
  16. Best travel post
  17. Best consumer rights post
  18. Most informative post award (link blogging)
  19. Best product review post
  20. Best ‘culinery’ post
  21. Best public interest post
  22. Most insane post
  23. Best blogging project award
  24. Best social issues post award
  25. Best poetic post award

Blog awards

1. Most beautiful header award
2. Most interesting sidebar award
3. Best about me page award
4. Best blog design award
5. Most disciplined blogger (one award I can never win)
6. Most networking blogger
7. Most responsive blogger

Other polling categories

1. Most interesting tag around
2. Most popular book (on blogs) award
3. Most popular movie (on blogs) award

Please read the following rules carefully before sending in the nominations.
Rules for Nominations

1. Only the posts published from 1st January to October 14 this year can be nominated.
2. You can nominate your own blog posts as well as blogs of your friends.
3. Anonymous nominations will be accepted as long as the post is worthy for the given category.
4. You can not nominate star bloggers like Zen Habits, Web Worker Daily, Tech Crunch and so on.
5. The nominated posts need to be original. Anything copied, from forwarded emails, books, etc is not acceptable. Nominations will be cancelled auomatclaly if the nominated post is plagiarised.
6. At least 3 nominations are required for a category. If there are less than 4 nominations, that category can be dismissed.
7. Maximum 6 nominations will be accepted for a category.
8. In case of more than 6 nominations, it will be my/panel of judges’ decision to retain the 6 best nominations for the category.
9. None of my own posts can be nominated or awarded. (after all these are my awards!)
10. I have the final authority to add and reject any nomination.

Please write in your nominations here at special Avant Garde Bloggies Awards page. Those who wish to email me their nominations are welcome. Please mention the award category along with the name of the writer and link to the blog post. In case any of these vital information is missing, nomination will be rejected.


1. Same post can not be entered in more than one category.
2. Multiple posts from same author in a single category is not preferred. The blogger/author is expected to put his best foot forward. In cases, where all entires from blogger are exceptional, the scrutinising committe members will decide how many posts they can allow from a blogger in a single category.
3. The informative category post is limited to link blogging.

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