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Ruminations in Sweltering August

Like several other sporadic bloggers, I too disappeared. L Some of you have been knocking at my blog, putting me to shame. I am now shamed enough to write my random ruminations.

Firewall has been installed at work, my blogs gets less attention now. (Perhaps my boss is reading this, and speculating doing what my blogging has to do with firewall at work. God forbid!) I have a pathetically slow wireless connection at home. Because it is so slow, I am unable to download anything at home. Therfore, I never reach my 1 GB download limit. It is too late when I reach home after four hours of commute. And then I am too tired to work on my laptop. For this reason, I have not been able to keep any of my blogging resolutions this year. Forgive me, if you find my comments missing from your blog for some while. I am hitting them less lest they are blocked at workplace. I want to keep reading you.

Last week was mildly depressing. There was this firewall. Slideshare, youtube, chats, and orkut are blocked. I don’t care much if you block chat and orkut, but youtube and slideshare are beneficial and educational. And I resent anything impinging my freedom even if those are the services I do not need.

This is August. Yet it is unbearably hot and humid in the city. Seems like courtesy global warming and climate change, we have only two seasons in this city: very hot summer and very cold winter. I am yet to remember what spring is like.

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Of Blogging Awards, Friends and Links

Before I begin a link diary for this month, I must thank Reema for awarding me Best Blogger award. She awarded whole lot of bloggers aptly: most beautiful blog, artistic blogger, serious blogger and so on. It opened window to more bloggers. 🙂

So, if you want to go ahead and create other award for fellow bloggers: click here to create blog awards. However, this one did not have a generous blogger award that I wanted to give Reema, I would instead give her a high-five of my friendship. 🙂 See right! 🙂

Just as we use MyLiveSignature for generating personal signatures for our blog posts and emails (I use a signature for all my meme posts. :P), we can use this superstickies site to generate colourful post-its. Like one I have used here: (I have used one post-it in my last Olympics post too.)

I recently signed up for Evernote, a useful notemaking tool that can capture anything on your desktop and Web, and save it for you. It makes even the text in your saved images searchable. 🙂 It is only my laziness to login that prevents me from making good use of it. 😦 You can use a plugin in your browser for ease. There are many other notemaking tools available (like Google Notebook), if there is a good one that you use, do let me know in the comments section.

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Olympics: History, Facts and News (Updated)

Now that Beijing Olympics is going to start today on August 8, media is rushing to let you know about many Olympics facts. Some of them were new to me, some I was contemplating from a new perspective. by the way, did you notice todays’s date: 08-08-08. 🙂

It surprised me to know men feigned as women in Olympics because they thought it was easier to gain medals in female competitions. So to be sure that only females were participating, female athletes were paraded in nude before a panel of doctors. Now the lab has come up with a test that all female athletes have to take to prove their gender. 😦 Indian athlete Santhi Soundarajan was stripped of her silver medal at the Asian Games, two years ago, after failing a verification test. You can read more about this sex-verification stuff at this NY Times article.

Yuu can know 10 facts about ancient Olympics. They all played in nude then! Only prudes were known to cover their organs. 😦 It was Romans who banned Ancient Olympics as they believe it to be a pagan activity.

I read a nice article in Outlook, that listed all the laurels Indian had got in past in Olympics. It was hockey that harvested most golds for India in Olympics. Even after a movie like Chak De, its has been hard to revive Indian Hockey. We just saw suspension of hockey federation by Indian Olympic Association.

It was an anglo-Indian Norman Pritchard who bagged silver medals for India in 1900 Olymics. But Britishers insisted that medal were theirs, though IOA credits these medals to India. Norman Pritchard went on to act in Hollywood and Broadway.

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Europe Tour: Slideshows

As promised, here are the complete Europe trip slideshows as created by Shreyas. Go on, have a look at the sideshows and don’t miss the captions.



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Dealing with Insincere Friends

I never thought I would be ever writing a personal rant on my blog.

But I am peeved, really hurt and angry.

This is about a person I recently came in contact with. I would not say where for I do not want my readers to pinpoint her identity. For sake of ease, let’s call this person Sam.

So Sam was good to talk to, you could identify with her background. She could make sensible conversation. She is earning good bucks every month. We became friends (not because of this last reason though 🙂 ) and then fell to eating and traveling together.

Sam would invariably never carry cash. She would arrive in morning with only 10 rupees cash or not even that. She always had an ATM card, which too never seemed to have money at opportune moment. Once she even claimed to block her card!

Without Using Own ATM Card

Without Using Own ATM

Cartoon by Anshul of

I paid for Sam‘s travel (both to and fro), breakfast, juices, mineral water, snacks and even digestive lozenges. I think, my readers, you all get the picture. It was bad.

I pointed it out to Sam that she was not paying her share and that she did not even remember it later. She feigned to be ashamed for a while, apologised, but soon was back to square one. It was worse till last moment I spent with Sam.

Hurt is not about money. It’s a matter of principle. Everyday we squabble with rickshaw pullers, auto drivers if they overcharge us for even few rupees. At least they are providing a service, here is a well-to-do-person hoping to live off me. I would have been happy if I were feeding a hungry mouth. It’s that nagging feeling of being taken advantage off by a ‘leech’ in garb of friend. It hurts, because it was me at receiving end. I mean I don’t take shit from anyone!

Joke of the day is that Sam did quarrel (along with me) with a stall owner at CP about overcharging for 2 rupees! She would not have paid either shopkeeper or me anyway, why did she care to cry hoarse for consumer rights!

Sam, if you are reading this, we could perhaps have been good friends. But all I remember is your pettiness. I am writing this because I want you to know how I hurt and disgusted I feel by your attitude. I hope you feel shamed enough to stop taking advantage off others.

I tried talking to Sam, it didn’t help. How would you deal with such human parasites?

P.S: Hope you had a nice friendship day! 🙂

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