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5 Types of People I Hate…

Nita tagged me to write about 5 people that I hate. Such 5 types of people are:

Back-biters: I wanted to tell them: Say it on my face, losers! You may think my back is most vulnerable part of me, but you are mistaken.

That was quite a vehement response. πŸ™‚

Insensitive folks: People who are impatient with disabled as well as senior citizens and other people who serve us daily like peons, waiters, labourers, rickshaw pullers. I hate it when people are not addressed with respect. There is another category, people who are rude to people who do not look great, are scarred or plagued with moles. Now this one is utterly disgusting.

People who do not keep word: I look down such with disgust who do not keep their promises. To me, they are real losers. I find no forgiveness in myself when I find they are in habit of breaking promises. Sometimes you break promises as you have no choice, but making a habit of it is disgusting. As Xylene says, they are “auto-rickshaw types”, changing their words every 100 mts.

Inefficient and unwilling-to-learn people: This is strictly professional grouse. People who are inefficient are never my friends. Never! May be you are not naturally skilled, but your willingness to learn, the attitude will warm you to me. If that is missing, in my heart, I will always shun you.

People who spit and pee in public places: You might be wondering how did you see the sudden burst of pichkari without Holi. Anyone can spit unceremoniously in India..your auto driver, your well-groomed colleague. Most walls in public places will be lined with tobacco spit and hateful smell of pee. Our cricketers too do it. I hate all of you who do it. 😦

Read this interesting article by Harshad Oak about spitting here.

I think I will publish other two interesting and rather long tags in different post. You know I am a self-confessed meme queen of 2008! πŸ™‚

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