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I, Me and Poonam

Another Meme ripped off Sulz’s blog

(after Ish, I am the latest meme queen as he said πŸ˜› )

i am: Poonam Sharma. I wrote full name for SEO purposes. Hoping next time I search for my name, it brings me to Visceral Observations.
i think
: a good deal. About me, world, family, country, …I could go on and there is no point.
i know
: that no matter what happens, life goes on. Also, realise that it is is easier said than done.
i want:
a life on my terms. I want to start exercising without any physical pain. If you know how, let me know. πŸ™‚
i have:
a strong resilience and loads of optimism
i wish:
corruption would go away from this world and public sector employees in my country won’t be so sluggish and inhuman
i hate:
inefficiency, sluggishness, too much virtue attached to beauty and corruption. I hate guys who always put their women on low priority, with excuse apno ko hi to samjha sakte hain. I saw a sample on Roadies. I liked one aspect of it, and disliked the other. Such guys also forget to acknowledge the generosity and resilience of their women.
i miss:
my family and my love
i fear:
not living upto my promises to my parents
i feel:
both sad and happy, depending on situation
i hear:
my old favorites. My rate of discovering a sing that I like is too slow. πŸ™‚
i smell
: the body spray I used in the morning after bathing
i crave
: for ice creams and chocolates sometimes
i search
: heroes in real lives
i wonder
: if I will have the dream life I have envisioned for myself
i regret
: not making some decisions in life when I could
i love
: reading, watching movies, plays and dance shows, travelling and writing
i ache
: for ragpickers
i care
: about efficiency, professionalism and humanity
i always
: keep my optimism, even when I am ranting about my woes (I do rant sometimes, it kinda relieves you), I look for reassuring pieces in my woes. I hope for miracles. πŸ˜›
i am not
: very courageous
i believe
: in my strength to rise after failures
i dance
: jazz and look silly
i sing
: when I am lost deep in my thoughts or deliriously content at the given moment
i cry
: quietly to relieve my heart of uneasiness
i don’t always
: be patient
i fight
: verbally, without abuses. Highest degree of my verbal abuse is…nah..leave that. πŸ™‚
i write
: in my diary and on 4 blogs, one of them not mine
i win
: an argument most of the time πŸ˜‰
i lose
: my patience when faced with evil, lies and stubbornness
i never
: shirk from what I have promised. I will go to lengths to fulfil my promises.
i confuse
: others? Nah! But sometimes when I am preoccupied with something, it is confusing for me to make everyday life decisions like what to eat, where to go…
i listen
: to what my loved ones say, I retain their words in my memory for long
i can usually be found
: traveling in metro or with a laptop or computer in my room or office
i am scared:
of suffering painful health problems in the future. (This is exactly what sulz wrote, I have same fear. I am also scared of childbirths. I have wrote about it earlier here.)
i need
: to change my lazy way of my life
i am happy about
: what I am today

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