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Meme: Table Talk

Shefaly tagged me for this meme and I must say I am too late for it. She must be wondering what happened to me.

What’s your favorite table?

Dinner table at home with my family around. It has been ages since we had our dinner together.

What would you have for your last supper?

I will have chappan bhog (56-course meal) of my choice. I like small but variety of portions of food. Though even small portions of 56 varieties can never be less. 🙂 But it makes sense to eat to heart’s content at last supper. I can then die with no regrets about eating less throughout lifetime. It will have all my favorites from both north indian and south indian cuisine and also my favorite chatpata snacks. Desserts like brownie with ice cream, chocolate mousse, ice cream sundaes are must.

Sorry I am not one for sushi, chinese or Thai. I like purely vegetarian food, with out onions.

What’s your poison?

Chocolates, Bhel puri, tikki, chat. All junk food. 🙂 I always overdo so much that after a while I can’t eat it for a long while.

Name your three desert island ingredients.

Cold coffee (cold water can be a luxury there), allo kabli (a dish from bengal that has potatoes that can sustain me for long), payesh ( kheer with jagger and not sugar)

What would you put in Room 101?

Room 101 sounds scary if you have read about Winston’s fear in novel 1984. It reminds me of rats and as it happens, I am also scared of rats.

In the context of food, I would put all stale food and vegetables with too watery gravy there. I hate it when my favorite food stuff are not cooked well.

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