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Links Galore: From Memory, Entertainment to Career

I always feel vulnerable about loss of my memory. Irrational fears (I like to believe that they are irrational) like having Alzheimer’s keeps me taking up mnemonics tutorials. That’s how I stumbled to this 2-minute youtube video about 5 ways to boost your memory.

I then came across this wonderful Web site that enlightens me how my brain works. It is book called Brain Rules written by molecular microbiologist, John Medina, in an accessible language. It details 12 ways that work for brain. One of them is that “exercise boosts brain power”. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 60%. Visit this Brain Rules, illustrative Web site. Surf the slides, chart and videos.

Presentation about 3 Brain Rules

So maybe now I should do these office exercises not only to avoid occupation hazards of a 9-hr job, but also to exercise my brain. Continue reading ‘Links Galore: From Memory, Entertainment to Career’

Official Author Web sites

The idea of this post originated while I was surfing through various author site looking for some useful stuff. I felt most official Web sites of celebrities are devoid of any substance. They are almost always mundane, put up as a promotional exercise or a money-making enterprise. While some make a beutiful web site with little content. Here is a Web site review of few mainstream authors.

J. K. Rowling

This billionaire writer, who has recently been news more for the controversies she evoked than the books she wrote, has a amazingly designed Web site. However, it can be bit slow to download on slow connections. It also provides you five other language options (which were of no use to me, though 🙂 ).

This site does not seem to be updated very often. You can find a brief biography of J. K. Rowling with her pictures in an animated diary. Butterflies, spiders and bugs move occasionally on the web site, making the design interesting. 🙂 And you bet, there is a member’s section called W.O.M.B.I.T.

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I, Me and Poonam

Another Meme ripped off Sulz’s blog

(after Ish, I am the latest meme queen as he said 😛 )

i am: Poonam Sharma. I wrote full name for SEO purposes. Hoping next time I search for my name, it brings me to Visceral Observations.
i think
: a good deal. About me, world, family, country, …I could go on and there is no point.
i know
: that no matter what happens, life goes on. Also, realise that it is is easier said than done.
i want:
a life on my terms. I want to start exercising without any physical pain. If you know how, let me know. 🙂
i have:
a strong resilience and loads of optimism
i wish:
corruption would go away from this world and public sector employees in my country won’t be so sluggish and inhuman
i hate:
inefficiency, sluggishness, too much virtue attached to beauty and corruption. I hate guys who always put their women on low priority, with excuse apno ko hi to samjha sakte hain. I saw a sample on Roadies. I liked one aspect of it, and disliked the other. Such guys also forget to acknowledge the generosity and resilience of their women.
i miss:
my family and my love
i fear:
not living upto my promises to my parents
i feel:
both sad and happy, depending on situation
i hear:
my old favorites. My rate of discovering a sing that I like is too slow. 🙂
i smell
: the body spray I used in the morning after bathing
i crave
: for ice creams and chocolates sometimes
i search
: heroes in real lives
i wonder
: if I will have the dream life I have envisioned for myself
i regret
: not making some decisions in life when I could
i love
: reading, watching movies, plays and dance shows, travelling and writing
i ache
: for ragpickers
i care
: about efficiency, professionalism and humanity
i always
: keep my optimism, even when I am ranting about my woes (I do rant sometimes, it kinda relieves you), I look for reassuring pieces in my woes. I hope for miracles. 😛
i am not
: very courageous
i believe
: in my strength to rise after failures
i dance
: jazz and look silly
i sing
: when I am lost deep in my thoughts or deliriously content at the given moment
i cry
: quietly to relieve my heart of uneasiness
i don’t always
: be patient
i fight
: verbally, without abuses. Highest degree of my verbal abuse is…nah..leave that. 🙂
i write
: in my diary and on 4 blogs, one of them not mine
i win
: an argument most of the time 😉
i lose
: my patience when faced with evil, lies and stubbornness
i never
: shirk from what I have promised. I will go to lengths to fulfil my promises.
i confuse
: others? Nah! But sometimes when I am preoccupied with something, it is confusing for me to make everyday life decisions like what to eat, where to go…
i listen
: to what my loved ones say, I retain their words in my memory for long
i can usually be found
: traveling in metro or with a laptop or computer in my room or office
i am scared:
of suffering painful health problems in the future. (This is exactly what sulz wrote, I have same fear. I am also scared of childbirths. I have wrote about it earlier here.)
i need
: to change my lazy way of my life
i am happy about
: what I am today

Best regards,

Music Meme

Officially tagged Meme by Sulz

Sulz tagged me for the following meme. Again I am late on this one. I am not much into music and stick to ones that my ear likes. Most of the songs I listed here are ones those are commonly known. Only some will not know the Hindi songs.

Think of THE song that most inspires you to write, whether it gives you an idea for a story, script or just puts you into a better frame of mind AND/OR peek into the lyrics and find a verse that sums up the theme of whatever project it is you’re working on.

If possible, post a video of the song to convey to readers the full context of the song and the mood it puts you into. Finally, send the assignment to five other writers to do as well.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by GreendayI like Green Day music but I do not always like their lyrics. 😦

Khoya hai jo tune E dil by besura Lucky Ali from movie Sur – The Melody of Life In fact, I like all the songs from this movie. I could not find a free video web site for this. If you know the song and happen to find the video, let me know. 🙂

Country Roads, Take Me Home by John Denver But I still haven’t found what to replace “West Virginia” in the song with. But it reminds me of my birthplace. 🙂

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams This classic always sits in my phone (the phone I dropped in water is irreparable, its official now 😦 ). I have pissed off several people by forcing them to listen to this continually when I had just started working.

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Meme: Table Talk

Shefaly tagged me for this meme and I must say I am too late for it. She must be wondering what happened to me.

What’s your favorite table?

Dinner table at home with my family around. It has been ages since we had our dinner together.

What would you have for your last supper?

I will have chappan bhog (56-course meal) of my choice. I like small but variety of portions of food. Though even small portions of 56 varieties can never be less. 🙂 But it makes sense to eat to heart’s content at last supper. I can then die with no regrets about eating less throughout lifetime. It will have all my favorites from both north indian and south indian cuisine and also my favorite chatpata snacks. Desserts like brownie with ice cream, chocolate mousse, ice cream sundaes are must.

Sorry I am not one for sushi, chinese or Thai. I like purely vegetarian food, with out onions.

What’s your poison?

Chocolates, Bhel puri, tikki, chat. All junk food. 🙂 I always overdo so much that after a while I can’t eat it for a long while.

Name your three desert island ingredients.

Cold coffee (cold water can be a luxury there), allo kabli (a dish from bengal that has potatoes that can sustain me for long), payesh ( kheer with jagger and not sugar)

What would you put in Room 101?

Room 101 sounds scary if you have read about Winston’s fear in novel 1984. It reminds me of rats and as it happens, I am also scared of rats.

In the context of food, I would put all stale food and vegetables with too watery gravy there. I hate it when my favorite food stuff are not cooked well.

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May: Link Diary

May is an eventful month for me. My parents were married on 6th May decades ago. It is my father’s birthday on 8th May. Besides my personal landmarks, month of May had other landmarks too. One of them went unnoticed and other was over-hyped.

Sepoy MutinyMay 10 was anniversary of our first Indian war for independence. Remember Sepoy Mutiny that took place more than a century ago in Meerut. A march from Meerut to Delhi to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Sepoy Mutiny was planned. Plays and exhibition of rare photographs were also planned. But I am not sure if they materialized. Rishabh, from Jai Hind blog (where I too write sometimes), laments about us forgetting such a landmark event in our history. He reminds ominously of George Santayana ‘s quote
“A country without a memory is a country of madmen.” in the comments section.

Here is a Mother’s day post that I stumbled upon while surfing. I thought it to be very insightful and different than a run-of-the-mill Mother’s Day post. It makes a point with faint humor and grace.

We all have heard about rape sometime or other. We all know it is a traumatizing experience. But we can’t fathom how much. A 5-part real-life account of how rape impacts your life has been published by a rape victim surviver, Joanna Connors, who is a reporter with Plain Dealer. I am usually a detached reader to protect myself from feeling too much. Because too emotional things play on my mind and if I can’t help them, they distress me. I read with curiosity, to find out facts and lessons. But despite best efforts, I ended up being very moved. I felt vulnerable. I felt it could be me. oh, believe me, it is not a sob story but a story of a surviver who decided to make peace with the event that scarred her life. She decided to track down her rapist. It is a rare story, read it here at Beyond Rape: A survivor’s Journey.

My Trip to Goa: Day 4

This is last post in my Goa Trip series. I am posting this after a long gap of posting Day 3 experiences at Goa.

So back to Day 3 in Goa, we spent day exploring beaches on our Kinetic. Before evening, we realized that we hadn’t yet booked ourselves a return ticket to Mumbai. Trains were all booked. We were to spend the next day in Mumbai before catching the night flight to Delhi. We certainly could not miss spending one day with friends and family in Mumbai.

So we set out to Paulo travels office in Panjim on our Kinetics. Panjim is about 35 kms from Candolim Island. We had no clue about the roads. We asked around and used the ferry on Mandovi river to cross it. As soon as I landed in Panjim, my eyes fell on the movie theater in front. It was then playing Khoya Khoya Chand, a movie I had not watched and wanted to watch. My first instinct was, let’s watch this movie here. Of course, my friends berated me. You have come all the way to Goa just to watch a movie that you can watch in Delhi? I had no choice but to agree with them. 😦

View of a Panjim church at night. We just passed by them.

We asked around and rushed to Kadamba bus stand. To our dismay, there were no tickets available for Mumbai at either Raj travels or Paulo travels. We asked around and finally managed to book ourselves a Volvo for next day to Goregaon in Mumbai. Our main purpose fulfilled, we decided to buy goodies from Panjim for our families.

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Random Meme

Nova first tagged me for this meme. Ashish also tagged me for this today.

1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
Race. It was not worthwhile.

2. What book are you reading?
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisburger

3. Favorite board game?

4. Favorite magazine?
Ok…Outlook and that’s the only magazine I subscribe in lieu of free gifts as travel guides and travel pouches. I am though also guilty of reading all sorts of vain magazines like Femina, First City, Cosmopolitan and so on.

5. Favorite smells?
This is no place to list my favorite perfumes. But a rose itra works for me. Smell of dahi/lassi/mattha with roasted zeera powder is a big appetizer for me.

6. Favorite sounds?
Green Day music

7. Worst feeling in the world?
Not getting a fair deal from the loved ones

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