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Happy Holi!

Happy Holi to all of you! 🙂

Happy HOli

I am not writing this post just to wish Holi though. I am writing this in irritation. Most of us haven’t learnt the first rule about Holi: Don’t play holi with the unwilling.

In Delhi, weeks before Holi, people start throwing balloons on passer-bys. These vella people, who indulge in balloon-throwing, have two categories: kids and rowdy hooligans. You can berate kids gently yet firmly but what do you do about the rowdy men who throw balloons at you in dark, when you are returning home from work. They ride scooters and bikes and throw balloons at you back! Imagine somebody driving around with balloons just so they can have unknown victims on road. I simply hate such people.

This season, luckily, I had only one balloon hitting me. It was thrown by two men in 30s who skidded away on their scooters, after hitting me on my back. They did not have guts throw on face either. God knows I was looking for a stone to hit them.

Frankly, I am not even open to idea of being hit by balloons by kids whom I don’t know. You would find groups of them on every nook and crevice of a gulley. Every now and then when you are running an errand, you are hit by balloons full of water. Perhaps it is ok on day of Holi. Not weeks before that! What kind of parents they are, who hand their kids ballons to hit unknown passer-bys- young girls and old folk. Kids did not even spare my grandfather. He was hit with a balloon on his spectacles. Naturally he was upset. When Holi is approaching, you have to think twice before going out of your house.

My office did not have a chutti on Good Friday. But I did not go. Who would want to travel on your own, on a day when you know public transport will be scanty. Also, hooligans will make most of the opportunity. They throw balloons into moving buses and autos as well. Really, they do. I have seen. Not only this, in the name of festival, you are forced to be civil with some unwanted people. I firmly kept that away. God forbid, if Holi is to become harassment in my own country, I may not want to play it in future.

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