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Happy Women’s Day!

March 8, 2008: So today is women’s day! Last year on this day, I wrote this post in my blog when I was so much gaga about receiving so many women’s day messages. I naively thought now that this day was getting lot of attention, some real positive action would follow. This year, the days passed unnoticed. There were hardly any sms-es, except those from DoT and service providers. I searched the local newspaper for any play or show taking up women’s issues in my city. There were none!

It was good old Internet that could bring up something for me about the day.

International Women’s day

Read here to know why we have International Women’s day! According to a blog post I randomly came across, women’;s day is national holiday in Russia. Read this blog post to read an interesting way in which Russian women celebrate their women’s day.

Happy Women’s day, though! 🙂

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