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Hand-written Valentine Message

Sulz gave me this hand-written valentine message as a part for her hand-written valentine project.

Mug from Sulz

You can see her message by clicking the thumbnail below.

Hand-written Valentine from sulz

Thank you, Sulz! That reminds me that February, month of my birthday and my blog birthday, is still on. πŸ™‚

Create Your Own Postcards

I stumbled upon this Create Your Postcard website. Some of the postcard caught my attention for their messages. Here is one of them:

Postcard 1

You too can create and put your postcard up there. You can also send these card to your friends. Read the motto of this web site here at What’s the issue?

Tell me what you think of the postcards on this site?

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday! And today is my birthday! πŸ™‚ We both are aquarians. πŸ™‚

Two of my favorite friends-Rashmi and Anurita are also getting married today-One of them is also my school buddy. Congratulations to them! πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday to Me!This day was also birthday of Thomas Alva Edison. He was a genius and dyslexic. I share my birthday with two other friends – Aman and Jagdeep! Happy Birthday to ya too, girls!

So what are my plans for the day? Nothing. I am at work as usual. Perhaps I will leave a wee bit early. But that’s about it. Neither my family nor most of my close friends are in the city! Those that are here are working at far off places that it is hard to meet up for dinner and drinks without screwing up next day at work. I too like it this way. πŸ™‚ So here am I wishing myself, and raising a toast to my year ahead.

Thanks guys, all of you who wished me best of the day and year. Of bloggers, it was a pleasant surprise to receive sms from Ish. How did he know? Facebook, you see! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Dev for the scrap.

P.S: I gifted myself a book called “A Guide to Naughty Girl’s Life“. Ha ha!

My Trip to Goa: Day 2

Day 2: We hired a bike in the morning for rest of our trip. Actually it was Kinetic, for 600 bucks a day! With a map in hand, we set out to Calangute beach, king of all beaches in Goa. We were all charged up for water sports. And the sight of parachutes flying in the sky over beaches was a huge temptation. Folks were parasailing! πŸ™‚


Without wasting any time, we bargained (a must at this time of year!) and went for parasailing. There were seven of us on a speedboat that sailed in water for parasailing. Four of us were two couples from a separate group. Both the girls in the group were petrified at the prospect of parasailing. They made lot of noise about their fear. To tell you truth, I was petrified too inside. I had been asking my friend since morning, “Would I be able to parasail?” He would patiently answer, “Why wouldn’t you be able to?”

The men manning the speedboat tried to show us a demo of para sailing that failed due to huge gust of wind. Everyone started making noise that this was a demoralizing demo. Girls (excluding me) were more hyper. However, after a very small brief, one-by-one each of us was ready to fly up in air with parachute, harnessed safely to the boat. I went in second, ahead of others in my group. Why? I thought going in second was lucky.

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My Trip to Goa: Day 1

My trip to Bombay and Goa was business-cum-pleasure. I will write only the pleasure part here. πŸ™‚ And I will start my story after arrival at Goa via Bombay.

After researching for few hours on Web and Lonely Planet guides, the beach of our choice was Candolim beach. A very good decision in the hindsight. πŸ™‚ The more popular beaches like Calangute or Bagha were too crowded and commercial at this time of year. Candolim beach had right balance of privacy we needed and popularity. It was close to almost all our wannabe destinations in Goa. And Calangute beach was also few kilometers away.

candolim beach

People relaxing on sunbeds on Candolim beach. Of course, I did not set my eyes on this sunny view of beach until my day 2 at Goa.

Anticipating rush for Goa at new year eve, we booked our air tickets and hotel well within time. However, we were not sure about our choice of hotel choice. We had every intention of changing our hotel after we reached Goa. Until we actually landed there.

Our hotel, as it turned out, was a pleasant surprise. It was just a 5-minute walk from the beach. Well-maintained and also had a nice pool. Considering the new year crunch, rooms were very reasonably priced. In fact, we spent least on our hotel in our entire trip. However, this trip was expensive compared to my other trips. We spent about 36k per two persons including travel and food. But it was worth it, every minute of it. πŸ™‚

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Relationship Style Quiz And Personality Traits

heartcupidThis relationship quiz is part of a psychometrics experiment. Psychometrics is the science of understanding, measuring and predicting differences and similarities between people. According to this relationship style test, “your personality plays a big part in shaping your romantic preferences and psychologists have come up with a “syntax of love” to classify people on the basis of their romantic relationship style.”

I took this quiz and was somewhat surprised to have mixed results.

Here are my 5 BIG Personality traits:

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