An Interview with Consumer Rights Champion: Lt. Col. Rajesh Yadav

Some days back I blogged about a consumer rights champion, Lt. Col. Rajesh Yadav who won a case against ICICI bank. Here, read his first-hand account of how things went with ICICI bank debit card and consumer court.

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Hi Rajesh, Welcome to Visceral Observations! Before we begin, let us congratulate you for winning a consumer’s battle against ICICI.

Thanks Poonam. I am delighted to have been invited to share my views on this forum and be able to interact with the enlightened visitors of the blog. I am also thankful that you through the medium of your blog have made my fight known to public at large. I am sure this will contribute towards raising the awareness levels about Consumer Rights in the society.

Let’s start with your little introduction for the benefit of our readers.

I am Lt Col Rajesh Yadav, an Army Officer from Gurgaon. I am a customer of Vasant Vihar Branch of ICICI Bank since last 9 years and have my salary account with them. I had little knowledge about consumer rights like most of us and faced the nightmare as most of us will face when a similar situation confronts us.

Could you please, as a recap, briefly explain the original problem you faced with ICICI and then the subsequent case against ICICI in the consumer court?
As is customary with the banks these days, I had a debit card associated with my salary account that had expired. As I was posted in the J&K, I applied for card renewal on 10 Aug 05 when I came on leave to meet my family. I did not get the card for 10 days. In this period, I checked up with the customer care of ICICI Bank through e-mails and telephonic calls. They informed me that the card is being dispatched and I will get it in few days time. However, when I did not receive the card again, I called up the customer care again next month. To my horror, I was told that the card has been delivered and is also being used. When I asked for the details of usage, I was told that purchases worth Rs. 45, 623/- have been carried on my card. I requested for immediate blocking of the card. Thereafter, I visited ICICI Bank and met the Branch Manager to file the complaint.

Meanwhile, I also filed a complaint with the then DCP (South West Dist), Mr. Ravinder Yadav. After my visits to the bank, I was asked to sign an affidavit that I will not contest this case any further. In return, my money will be credited since I had not recd the card and had not requested for activation of the debit card. I signed the same and was assured that the money will be credited in a week’s time. During this one week, 4 teams of ICICI Bank visited me at my home and sought various details that were provided to them.

To cut the story short, I visited the branch number of times and nothing was done. Presumably, the bank staff was of the opinion that being from Army, I will not be able to follow up the case and the matter will die its natural death. They did nothing except buy time. They accused me of being a cheat! Meanwhile, my leave ended, I had to rejoin duties in J&K. I kept following up the case on telephone with both the ICICI Bank and Delhi Police but to no avail. My elderly father too visited them on few occasions but without any success. Writing to even Commissioner of Police was of no use as they even ignored to reply. (Imagine this was happening to a senior Army officer what to imagine the plight of hapless common man!). I had to fly down from Srinagar on three occasions to follow up the case.

I finally approached the Hon’ble Court who directed the Delhi Police to lodge an FIR against the bank which for some unknown reasons they were not willing to register till now. Regarding recovery of money, I was advised to file a complaint in the consumer’s forum which I did in Jul 2006.

Has ICICI paid you the fine as ruled by the consumer court? I ask this because sometimes I hear compliance to the consumer court order is also a problem.

ICICI Bank resisted paying the fine and did not comply with the Court order. As a result, I filed contempt petition and execution petition against them. (Don’t be afraid of these big words, these were simple 3 line applications 🙂 ). The bank also later approached District Consumers Forum where their case was dismissed on first hearing. Thereafter, the Bank has credited the amount. I agree with you that these organizations do resist paying up and try to dissuade the customers to maximum extent as they have the organizational structure and finances backing. However, the remedy available is simple as can be seen from my example.

What actions did you take before going to consumer court?
I tried resolving the case by approaching the bankbranch manager Ms. Monica Bijani, who simply succeeded in buying time. She even later refused getting the affidavit signed. Fortunately, I had kept the agreement in original with me with their Banks stamp affixed to prove the point in court. Thereafter, I approached Delhi Police and personally met the then DCP (South-West Delhi), Mr. Ravindra Yadav. However, the police was unhelpful and did not lodge an FIR in spite of correspondence with the Commisioner of Police ( This was happening in National Capital and not in some remote corner of the country. I am now convinced about the accuracy of frequent media reports about common man being shooed away from police stations rather than get justice.).The FIR was finally lodged after intervention of Hon’able court. I also sought help from media channels India TV and Sahara News apart from various news papers. The media both print as well as TV was very forthcoming and helpful.

It is a common perception that their time is much more valuable than wasting it in a consumer court. What led you to file a complaint at consumer forum?

I was initially totally clueless about the consumer forum. I had just read about it in newspapers but was not aware about its efficacy and procedures. I was told about this by my brother and subsequently gained knowledge as the case progressed. I owe a lot of gratitude to my brother Mr. Rajeev Yadav, who introduced me to the Consumer Protection Act. He represented me is my absence and was instrumental in ensuring that this issue gets adequate media attention. I had filed the case just to fight the high handedness of ICICI Bank but as the case progressed, I became more and more convinced of victory as I understood the functioning of the Forum.

It is absolutely everyone’s own prerogative to decide his/her priorities. But I consider it a moral duty to stand up against injustice. The loss suffered may be small for an individual but it is the cause that matters.

Could you please, for the benefit of readers, explain the process of filling consumer court complaint and then the trial itself? How did you find your lawyer?

The process of filing a consumer’s complaint is very simple. It can be done or an ordinary paper giving details of the case is a logical manner for ease of understanding. The professional formats can also be viewed at various websites. One very useful website is The complaint should logically bring out the details such as how you are a consumer, that you have not been provided service/goods you were promised and how you have taken steps to resolve the grievance with the service provider. You don’t even need a lawyer and you can present your case personally or through any of your family members. I advise consumers to present the case personally if possible as the sufferer is most suited to explain the details required by the Forum.

It is said that there is too much backlog of cases, lawyers are not so keen to finish cases faster, and sometimes the court does not observe complete working hours, and sometimes lawyers do not have a space to sit, despite all these do you think a consumer stands a fair chance of getting quick judgment?
My personal experience with the consumer forum has been very satisfying. In case the services of a lawyer are to be used, choosing a good lawyer is essential. I have suggested tips on hiring a lawyer on my yahoo group Adhikaar. The consumer forums aim to deliver justice within 6 months. However, practically, it may take 12-18 months which still is very quite fast as compared to the time taken in our courts. During the entire procedure, the complainant is not required to personally appear more than 3-4 times.

Since 21 years of its being, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is most underused law yet. Consumer is still the king only till they buy the product. What do you think could a way to get consumers exercise their rights?
I agree that Consumer Protection Act, 1986 has not got the attention it deserved. Most consumers take the bad experience in their stride as a part of destiny. I can assure you that the Consumer Protection Act is one of the strongest laws on the subject as compared to similar laws existing in various countries. There is a requirement to spread awareness among the citizens of the country. Our consumers are still at the mercy of shopkeepers, service providers, MNCs and the like. The Govt agencies, NGOs and media need to play a greater role towards spreading the awareness. We have to force the Sellers to become accountable which is lacking at the moment.

Do you think any improvisation or revisions are required for the Consumer Protection Act, 1986?

The question merits serious thinking which requires detailed study of the problems faced by the consumers and the service providers as well. I have just experience of a few such cases and may not be able to do justice to the issue. However, one step I felt required to avoid undue harassment of consumers is that the service provider must at least pay 50% of awarded penalty before it can go in an appeal in the higher forum against an affidavit from the consumer to refund in case of any change in court decision.
Colonel, here is an interesting disadvantage of Consumer Protection law. Most doctors claim that this consumer law leads to their harassment; they are demanding a review of the law. What is your take on the subject?

There might be some cases of harassment but I do not agree to the premise that people are filing cases merely to harass the medicos. Cases of negligent attitude of medicos are rampant and a matter of routine. Most practitioners do not even hand over the case histories to patients as a routine. And to say that people wait for their dear ones to die in order to harass the medicos is not palatable. Yes, I will agree to the suggestion that independent technical advice may be sought in case of doubt but to let the doctors off from the jurisdiction of CCs is not an answer. The Judges at the CCs are a learned lot and not illiterate people. The CCs have merely simplified the procedure and do not in anyway dish out judgments off their whims.

Have you got any general tips to the consumers?
Be vigilant and spend some time on details like terms of warranty etc while buying a product. Must have everything recorded on paper rather than verbal assurances. You must keep the bills for future references if required.

Post your court case, which of the consumer issues have you taken up? How did you get so well-versed with the consumer law? Did you specially take out time to read all the legalese?

I am presently representing one personal case against M/S American Express Tours Ltd. I have also helped various consumers on their grievances against various cellphone companies, banks etc. Most cases have got resolved before even filing a consumer complaint. Majority of these cases were regarding defective handsets, poor service, excessive billing etc. Contrary to popular belief, this law is very simple and does not require any detailed study.

You spoke about a yahoo group called Adhikaar you started. Tell us more about it.

Yes, I have started Adhikaar with the aim of spreading awareness on consumer rights and also help the victims with sound advice on how to go about their cases. I have got voluntary help from advocates who will render legal advice to the members. This group is slowly but surely drawing attention of people. I hope to play my part in this movement through this group. Maybe in future this group plays a larger role.

Do you have any more plans in pipeline to help the consumers?

I have a aim to work for an NGO someday in life when I get an opportunity. Presently in my spare time, I am helping a group of friends who are keen on a similar NGO. I have also offered to give a talk on the subject to a few schools to educate the students who, according to me, should start expecting better services. But I have constraints of time due to the nature of my service. I am following this up as a hobby and a passion.

Any last word you have to say to the readers of this blog?

I must thank you for writing such a wonderful blog. I read it by sheer chance and find it very interesting and educative. I request all readers to take up at least one cause and devote at least some spare time may be an hour a month to begin with towards it. It gives you a huge amount of satisfaction.

And once again, Thank you for taking time for the interview. May your group Adhikaar help many!

Now it is your turn, readers! Share your views on the Lt. Col. Rajesh Yadav’s story!

52 Responses to “An Interview with Consumer Rights Champion: Lt. Col. Rajesh Yadav”

  1. 1 lallopallo November 21, 2007 at 2:16 am

    It was sad to read what Mr Yadav has to go through. I have been reading and hearing a lot about bad experiences of people at ICICI bank.
    It was really gracious of Rajesh to share all this through this interview.
    Poonam, you have done a great job in interviewing him..I would suggest that you try to make sure that this interview is not just read by handful of bloggers but much more people..

  2. 2 Kapil November 21, 2007 at 8:33 am

    Great job, Poonam. This is a topic of prime importance these days and reading your post might help people how to proceed in case of such problems. I myself, am having very bitter experinces with the service centres provided by Motorola (for mobiles). I am still stuck up with the Motorola ppl with emails and calls. Not sure whether they would understand my concern. Whenever I am at the service centre and find a person fighting with the service guyz, I have tried telling them to raise their concern to higher authorities. Most of them are least interested in that and say that its a waste of time as it is not worth to file a case. I guess thats the case with many other people.

    I hope this post is read by many people and is spread across.

  3. 3 Poonam Sharma November 21, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    @lallopallo: Thanks you found the interview useful! Rajesh’s interview is an eye opener. Imagine a bank making you sign an affidavit that he would not contest!

    Banks, these days, cause several complaints. Look at this website which is a forum for posting complaints:

    You are right this piece should be read my more people: Why dont you promote and link this piece?

    @Kapil: Thanks for achnowleding the usefulness of consumer courts. Is your complaint against Motorola contestable? If yes, go for it. You could ask Rajesh about advice. I am sure he could help. I will link this post with his Adhikar group, which I forgot. You could get an answer from him on this very section as well. 🙂

  4. 4 lallopallo November 22, 2007 at 2:34 am

    Ok I will do that..but what you wanna me to do exactly..? Post a link in my blog?..

  5. 5 Nishu November 22, 2007 at 4:59 am

    I thought you dont like black n white?

  6. 6 Rajib November 22, 2007 at 6:05 am

    A very informative interview. I am sure many such hapless consumers will be encouraged by this to take the corrective measure as applicable. After filing the case in, will the Consumer Court be directly in touch with the consumer or any follow up will be required ?

  7. 7 praneshachar November 22, 2007 at 6:07 am

    wonderful interview and really is needed to keep consumer aware of his rights.
    kudos to Lt.Col.Yadav for his fight for justice it is need of the day and with plastic money being in place (credit/debit cards) these sort of misuse is bound to increase and we need to know what to do. Mr.yadav has given all that is needed his tips are quite useful for a common man. as he says if this is the plight of a senior defence officer what about the plight of common man.
    poonam keep up your good work and I wish you all success in your endevaours

  8. 8 Poonam Sharma November 22, 2007 at 7:41 am

    @lallopallo: Yes, share it with your blog readers. Stumble/reddit/digg the post to get more views. I am sure you would know more about social bookmarking than me.

    @Kapil: I have linked yahoo group Adhikaar in the post. Next time you go to Motorola shop, ask those hapless consumers to contact Lt. Col. Rajesh Yadav at this group.

    @Nishu: This theme emphasized both my text and images. I want the interview to be read by as many people as possible.

    @Rajib: is online portal to list your complaint. But I am sure you need to pay visit to consumer court in person with your documents. Lt. Col. Rajesh will be able to clear this point? I will request him to answer in this very forum.

    @Praneshachar: Thanks for your wishes! 🙂
    Certainly LT. Col. Yadav did his best to fight despite his Army service. I am very impressed with his Act and wanted to share his story with others.

  9. 9 praneshachar November 22, 2007 at 8:35 am

    I suggest you try to get this published in some news paper in bangalore it may be good to cover larger population here.

  10. 10 Ashish November 22, 2007 at 11:38 am

    One thing, this theme rocks. 😀

  11. 11 kpowerinfinity November 22, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    Thank you for a brilliant piece of information. As Praneshachar says you should consider getting is published in a newspaper.. I will send the links to some friends of mine.

    Its appalling to know what the condition in India is as far as customer services are concerned. And everytime you hear of a case where the consumer won, thats very heartening. Just today somebody told me of a case where (apparently) doctors negligence lead to the death of a mother and unborn child. The father also committed suicide. That was the extreme case — I hope the victim’s family can do something about it.

    Nice blog you got here. Came here through being a blogger.

  12. 12 Lt Col Rajesh Yadav November 22, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    Dear Readers,
    Thanks for your comments on consumer rights issues. I am thankful to ICICI Bank for making me aware of the effectiveness of the CPA. I am getting benifitted from this knowledge gained courtesy ICICI Bank in my everyday life. Infact now most of the times things get sorted out as soon as these agencies come to know of my knowldge of the subject.

    As regards some of the querries raised in this forum, you may file a complaint with online. you need not visit them. This is a mediatory agency formed by Govt to resolve consumer complaints by taking up the case with concerned agency. This is totally different from Consumers Forums which are equvivalent to Dist Courts. This agency is effective against smaller companies. However bigger fishes have realised that it is a toothless agency and hence have to be confronted with the Consumers Forum option.

    As regards any advice from my side, everyone is welcome to approach me or any of my friends which includes lawyers through yahoo group Adhikaar which Poonam has publicised profously through the medium of this blog. Anyone wanting to write to me may do so at Some members of the group have great experience of dealing with these mobile companies. In case Kapil has valid grievance against motorola, I am sure his issues will get resolved even before approaching Consumers Forum. We have had about 7-8 handsets replaced without even approaching courts just by sending a own drafted legal notice. My own Nokia N91 handset was replaced free of cost. Kapil may like to get in touch with his details at Adhikaar or my email. I will only be too happy to help him.

    Finally Kudos to Poonam for making a drab legal topic such an intresting one. Shes done great deal of efforts to make evrything sound simple and intresting. Keep it up Poonam.


  13. 13 Liju Philip November 23, 2007 at 12:53 am

    ICICI sucks big time. I had to go thru hell just to get a demat account opened in their bank. Imagine this, when i have been their customer for almost 10 years now. The one that did the trick was the most filthiest mail i ever wrote to anyone in my life.

    Yup, i wrote an email with the choicest expletives to everyone in ICICI and dared them to sue me for the mail. 2 days later i had a guy from Bombay call me on my cell and the problem was sorted out. My account was created in the next 2 weeks.

    Kabhi kabhi ghee ko niklane ke liye ungli tedhi karni padti hai. 😉

  14. 14 Poonam Sharma November 23, 2007 at 10:59 am

    @praneshachar and kpowerinfinity: You rate the piece very highly. But yes, it makes sense to put this in a newspaper. But I am clueless where to begin? Any tips? and in which section of the news paper would this go? Perhaps Lt. Col. Rajesh has some idea?

    @Ashish: Trust you to talk about theme in comments section of such a serious post! 😛 Yea, the theme is good. That is why I have it on my blog. Too much, aren’t I? 😛

    @Lt. Col. Rajesh Yadav: Thank you for responding to the reader queries and responses! You give me much more credit than deserved, the fact that you fought a consumer case is the only thing that makes this theory worthwhile. 🙂

    @Liju Philip: True! Kahbhi-kabhi ghee nikalne ke liye ungli tedi karni padti hai. 🙂 Expletives don’t come to me naturally! But I am very quick to threaten a company with consumer court so much once a mobile customer care executive said, you would sue for 250 bucks!

  15. 15 Ashish November 23, 2007 at 11:59 am

    Trust you to talk about theme in comments section of such a serious post!
    Eh? I’m the [future] Emperor of the World mind you. And you’re in my bad books for not pledging allegiance to the geeky cause. 😛

  16. 16 kpowerinfinity November 23, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    The story, edited properly, can perhaps be sent to the Hindu Open page, and also to other newspapers .. many have a people’s writing section. Let me see if I can find out something. Will let you know.

  17. 17 Amyth November 23, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Brilliant Work Poonam! .. Seriously!

    Often these inaccuracies exist in society not because of the BAD people who commit.. but because of the GOOD people who do not take these steps!

    Thanks to the efforts of you and people like Lt Col Rajesh Yadav, awareness about Consumer Rights will spread to the “masses.”


  18. 18 peachierwordsmith November 24, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    I have had interaction with various newspapers and electronic media during the course of this case. The stoy dury has been published at various stages of the case. The final verdict was published in various national dailies including HT, TOI, Hindu, Tribune, Outlook Money and Economic Times. The stories have been posted to the goup Adhikaar.
    However This kind of detailed and in depth analysis of the events has not been covered in any paper in at leat last 2 yrs. at least that I have been following consumer affairs.It was very thoughtful of Poonam to have framed the questions very thoughtfully.
    These kind of stories are very well taken by legal correspondents of most newspapers.
    We can think of contacting few good case winners and putting up the case to public. Such mass win history would serve the cause better rather than individual cases. I dont know how many ppl would share this view. I do know few correspondents personally and if Poonam permits using details of this interview , we may ask them to help.
    I am also waiting for Kapil to get in touch with me soon regarding his Motorola issue. I will only be too glad to help.

    Lt Col Rajesh Yadav

  19. 19 nitin November 25, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    This is really great…

    If every citizen of nation tries to use this law judiciously ..then a time will come that sellers would fear consumers and wont try to harass them with substandard quality,service.

    In US …i have heard of people sueing the biggies for even small faults..such should be the scene in india.CNBC TV awaz also tries to solve consumer grievances.And finally a very good interview..

  20. 20 Poonam Sharma November 26, 2007 at 4:46 am

    @Ashish: I hope I sufficiently explained my allegiance to geeky cause on your blog. 🙂

    @kpowerinfinity: I will check at Hindu Open page. Thanks, let me know if you have some other ideas.

    @Amyth: Well said, inaccuracies exist not because bad people do it, ,but because good people do not do anything about it. That is why Rajesh’s effort is important. 🙂

    @preachierwordsmith: Rajesh, anything on this blog can be re-used for commercial/non-commercial purposes. Only catch is my contribution needs to be cited. That is because my blog is licensed under Creative Commons. So feel free to use the interview. It is good to publish it. 🙂

    @Nitin: Yes, you said..every citizen must use the law judiciously to make this country consumer-friendly. I have watched CNBC Awaz’s show. There are more shows on same lines, but earn much on TRPs.

  21. 21 kpowerinfinity November 26, 2007 at 5:06 am

    Hmmm .. Will post it to some mailing lists..

  22. 22 Ashish November 26, 2007 at 5:11 am

    Nope. and we need an… UPDATE!!! 😀

  23. 23 Poonam Sharma November 27, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    @kpowerinfinity: Thanks, buddy! Perhaps due to your efforts this post has been most viewed post in my blog. Previouslu consumer rights always took second place when put against Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

    @Ashish: Sometimes I can not see the comments from [Future] Emperors in my blog! Can just pick key words like allegiance but no context 😦 Some problem, it seems 😛

  24. 24 Maha January 10, 2008 at 10:17 am

    Dear Lt. Col Yadav and Poonam,

    I have a very similar experience going on with HDFC Bank and the arrogance of the bank staff and their sheer disregard for my hard-earned money is shocking.

    I have filed a consumer case against them and will update you very shortly on the developments (there have been some significant ones recently) and the details of my case. Again it is a case of a card that was never delivered to me, clearly signed for by someone else and a case of debit card being used for someone else to spend a large sum of my money.

    Thank you so much guys for giving me heart in this battle of David v/s evil Goliath. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Will also join your yahoogroup shortly.


  25. 25 Maha January 10, 2008 at 10:36 am

    Oh and I forgot to mention.. the police were terrible – they absolutely refused to even ‘acknowledge’ my complaint, leave alone file an FIR. I spent 4 days at Chennai police HQ trying to get them to acknowledge my complaint (and I’m an NRI.. you can imagine how it ruined my holiday) and then even used the a senior IPS officer’s influence (finally, had to resort to this ugly desi tactic) and it still did not work! Finally, an intellectually challenged cop in Bangalore acknowledged it and I suspect he did so because he did not understand it. He asked me for a bribe and I told him to get lost. The misuse of the card occured in Bangalore although my hometown is now Chennai – so you can imagine the fun the cops had playing yo-yo with me saying the other place is the right jurisdiction.

    Honestly, I feel so unpatriotic and frustrated at times. Now, please dont respond with patriotism gyaan and JFK statements – it was just an observation on my part. Lets stick to the topic – which is HDFC Bank’s blatant disregard for customers by sending unsolicited debit cards and not delivering to the right person and the apathy of the cops in even acknowleding a complaint.


  26. 26 Poonam Sharma January 11, 2008 at 7:14 am

    @Maha: I am sad to hear that you had a terrible experience.

    Actually I am not surprised Police behaved terribly and also asked for bribe. It is so hard to register a FIR in this country. I wrote about it here

    ” I still remember Pooja Chauhan, the lady from Rajkot who had to parade in her underwear on city roads just to register a complaint against her husband and in-laws! I can’t think of more extreme step a woman can take just to be heard. She had been sacked from her house by her in-laws for not being able to give birth to a male heir. Since then she had been unsuccessfully trying to register her complaint in the local police thana. But our police refused to entertain her complaint till she made this desperate attempt to garner public and media support by walking semi-nude on the roads. So much for Domestic Violence Protection Act!

    This was not a stray incident; there are dozen more that happen everyday right under our noses. Only we get to hear select few.”

    There is more if you read the article.

    Kudos for standing for your rights. And it is ok to feel unpatriotic and frustrated at times with your country. But yes, thing to remember is, a country is made by its countrymen like me and you. 🙂

    Wish you all the best, Maha!

  27. 27 Lt Col Rajesh Yadav January 23, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    Dear Maha
    Its sad to hear ur experience. And its heartening to know that you have decided to fight for your rights. Any help or guidance if required by you in this matter, you are most welcome to refer to me any time.
    Lets resolve to make things better.

  28. 28 Poonam Sharma January 24, 2008 at 9:30 am

    @Lt. Col Rajesh Yadav,

    I have also emailed your email address. I copied you in the email. Did you receive it?

  29. 29 Lt Col Rajesh Yadav January 25, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Hi Poonam,
    No I didnt get any email from you. I read this while going through your blog and the interview with Amit. Been slightly busy. I have got few such problems with ppl who have mailed me the problems like this and we are working on getting them achieve their rights.
    The story of Maha is exactly like mine including the experience with Police. I had to interact with no one less than the Commissioner of Police, Delhi but to no avail. Finally I filed an application with the court who ordered the Police to register the FIR. There is a provision to do so and it costs nothing. I will write about it in detail soon.

  30. 31 Poonam Sharma January 26, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    @Rajesh: My mistake…I had not copied the email. I sent you a copy of email now.

    I wish Maha my best!

  31. 32 Vinita Deshmukh April 13, 2008 at 12:10 am

    Dear Poonam
    can i use this interview in my English weekly tabloid, Intelligent Pune of which i am the editor? it is a very well respected and popular weekly of pune. Pl do let me know ASAP
    cheers and warm rgds
    vinita deshmukh

  32. 33 Vinita Deshmukh April 13, 2008 at 12:35 am


    Dear Amit,

    this Vinita Deshmukh, editor, Intelligent Pune, a well respected and popular English weekly tabloid from Pune. I was a senior editor with The Indian Express for 20 years and launched this 32 page tabloid last year. The website – is still under construction.

    I have been campaigning against MRP overpricing through the tabloid. Inspired by your postings in the blog, we took the Port Lounge snack bar at Pune airport to task (which was overcharging) by making an official complaint to the controller, legal metrology department. The officer congratulated us for an effective raid since she has been raiding this snack bar since three years for overpricing of MRP but it still never adhered to MRP.

    I have been also taking multiplexes to task but now i have a problem. The gold adlabs has now resorted to “institutionalised packing” and so mineral water and any other packaged snack is priced double. The legal metrology dept says that it can’t do anything since they have gone by the legal way and “`we only can take action if the MRP is overcharged.”

    the officer of the legal metrology i pune says that “According to The Standard of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Amendment Rules 2006, the Package and Commodity Act 1977, Rule 2-A (b) explains the term Institutional Package. It says that the institutional package law is applicable for the service industries, transportation including airways, railways and hotels. The printed line “specially packed for Adlabs film ltd” or “specially packed for institutional sale” falls under this jurisdiction and is legal.”

    The point is – can a snack bar in a mutliplex resort to “institutionalised packing.” please advice as soon as possible.
    cheers and warm rgds

    Poonam: Vinita, I have forwarded this comment to both Rajesh and Amit. I am forwarding the email to you as well. 🙂

  33. 34 ranjan kapoor May 11, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    is it possible to speak to mr yadav onn phone my mob– 9312112525

  34. 35 Poonam Sharma May 12, 2008 at 5:52 am

    Ranjan, you can both write and talk to Lt. Col Rajesh Yadav at and
    9412782699 respectively. He would be glad to be of help to you.

    He has given his email address and phone number is his comments above.

  35. 36 Goli July 7, 2008 at 2:37 pm


    poonam, this is wonderful blog, I read couple of articles on consumer awareness and I was totally impressed.

    I do similar things for one magazine that I write for called, Sattva,

    It is a monthly online e-magazine.

    Keep writing. 🙂


    Poonam: Goli, I feel honored that a like-minded person likes my blog. Thanks to you, I got to know of another useful online magazine. I will check it out! I will check out your work too. 🙂

    Hope to see you more often on Visceral Observations!

  36. 37 bloonsterific July 10, 2009 at 3:21 pm

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