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It’s A Free World: A New Beginning

Me and Nova together have started a new blog: It’s A Free World.

The vision behind this blog is make it a vocal mouthpiece for anyone with whom life has been unjust. Sing about unsung heros. Applaud all good things of life. Inspire changes that make a difference to life. This journey has just begun, we might get more as and when we get our vocal piece (our blog) working.

It is not by design, but by chance the first two posts in the blog have been largely about women.

You can read about Domestic Violence (DV) here.

Women’s No Pay Day to protest unequal pay for women in UK. Read more about it.

Small Victories at Jhalak Dikhla Ja

I am pleased to write this post. It was due since this Friday, 26 October when 10th episode of Jhalak Dikhla Ja was aired.

I had written earlier in my post Jhalak Dikhla Ja: Stars and Duds, that for me there are two eyesores on the show: Mona Singh and Mika.

The two reasons I disliked them was they were not good at what they came to do: Mona Singh is a awkward host in a stylish show as Jhalak while Mika hardly danced well. On top, Mika did not have enough spirit to take any constructive criticism. He never missed an opportunity to shun judges and their judgment.

So what is the victory that I am talking about? It was about the other reason why I despised both Mona Singh and Mika: they made voter appeals based on region or community. 😦 It is condemning to divide people on basis of region/community in simple matters as that of entertainment.

But in this 10th episode, not once did Mona Singh make a regional voter appeal. πŸ™‚ Not only that, she was less forceful in pushing her Punjabi stereotype identity. For once, she looked like exuberant (yet gawky) host Mona Singh, and not a Punjabi girl next door.

Even Mika, who is these days very pompous about getting viewer votes, said that his several fans (does he really have many?) had emailed him to say why does he ask votes only from Punjabis, he would rather ask votes from entire India! I was gaping with surprise, what brought the change. I hope this trend continues into later episodes.

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