We Need A Big Change: Law Enforcement 3

Well, I did not think that I will write a third post on law enforcement so soon. I could not keep myself from writing it. It is just one gross news story I watched on television tonite.

Whole nation watched with shame and horror when two Bhagalpur policemen tied a 20-year-old small-time pickpocket to their motorbikes and dragged him cruelly on the road. This unlucky youth tried to pull a woman’s chain. Assistant Sub-Inspector LB Singh and constable Ramchandra Rai, the two policeman involved, had been suspended after the incident. Yet the government probe panel gave these policemen a clean chit!

Something that the whole world can see on the video, probe panel failed to see. Is the Government blind? Blinded by perhaps wads of money or political greed. According to the probe panel report, it was the mob that was responsible for the gruesome treatment met out to the pick-pocket Salim. The panel report says: It was mob who beat him ruthlessly. Mob that tied Salim’s to the police motorbike.

What about these policemen who drove to motorbike to drag Salim mercilessly? True, mob had mercilessly beaten Salim, but what police do to stop them? A riot was caused outside Bhagalpur police station when people heard the rummor of Salim dying due to beatings. Police had to fire 8 rounds to scatter the mob! I would say we could have had another Godhra in Bihar!

Death of 52 karsewaks has caused so many deaths in Gujrat, wounds of which have not yet healed. Do you think we can maintain harmony with such insensitive behavior? National Minority Commission has already sought a report on the issue. I would hate to see any religious tempers flare just because of two insensitive law enforcement official and equally insensitive panel.

Government should instead punish those policemen to send a strong message to anybody who dares to misuse law. It should instead ponder why youth commit these small-time chain snatching or pickpocketing? Lack of jobs? Meagre salaries? Pathetic working conditions? Class difference? We have answers buried right in our backyard.

Watch this video of this gruesome act.

2 Responses to “We Need A Big Change: Law Enforcement 3”

  1. 1 ish October 31, 2007 at 4:34 am

    Have such incidents always been happening or have they started just recently? I don’t mean the thefts and the chain snatching. I mean the mobs deciding to be the moral police, and on top of that the real police acting irresponsibly. This is one of the reasons why the youth of this country doesn’t believe in the law. And it’s true to a large extent as well, the system’s roots have been corrupted and something needs to be done about it. But the question is, who does something? The government, left, right and center are too busy fighting whether India should have any relations with the US. The Prime Minister seems to be under so much stress that he’s either going to resign or die. I don’t know where the President is, have hardly even seen her. And that leaves us with the citizens of the country, well they’re too busy earning money and trying to look out for ways to reach outside of here.

    Poonam: Such incidents were happening before..but now they have increased..even in Delhi people can kill a driver for causing accident…no wonder there are now more hit-and-run cases…Perhaps people are now more furious and frustrated..in Mumbai, there was a news a dead body was lying on a busy road for 8 hours! No one called either police or ambulance..It was the journalist who reported the story called the ambulance..talk of insensitivity!

    And about President, have not heard about her ever since she was elected.

  2. 2 rohit kumar November 14, 2009 at 3:58 am

    The post kind of helped me. Well How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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