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Girl Power??

I had to write about this horrific news story. I read this first on feministing blog.

This sad, overwhelming story is about a colored teenage girl in Los Angeles who was badly beaten by school security officer because she did not clean up the mess created by dropped cake!! When her mother went to school to complain, she was suspended from her job at school district.

You can watch the video at Fox that was recorded by a student on a phone camera. The students, as reports, have planned out a walk-out. You can read the entire story here.

Creative Common-ed My Blog

Finally, I added Creative Commons license in my blog. 🙂

Creative Commons Logo

I had long before identified the license I wanted and gathered the required HTML code. However, it took lot of my effort (read non-techie me 😦 ) to add it on my blog. Now that I think of, it was actually very easy process. Why did I send SOS all round the world? 😦 Thanks to each one of you who patiently responded to my silly queries.

After adding creative commons license on my blog, the enormity of it hit me. I read this article and realized one could actually be easily sued big time due to these copyright related issues. Read this article about the use of a copyrighted Flickr photo in Virgin Mobile advertisement campaign in Australia. Click the discussion link in the article to read more about it.

I am sure license will keep people from stealing our content, as our work will be attributed. But do we have any control as to how our work is used? And if we have permitted our work to be used for both commercial and noncommercial purposes provided it is attributed, would we be notified when our work is used by others? This is a grey area so far in India. I am not sure, what the publicity rights in my country are.

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