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What I Will Do for World Peace Today?

I have been tagged by Nishu to write about my aim of life and how I want to make world a better place.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend at school.

world peace

When asked about what we wanted to do in future, I had said I want to work for women’s welfare. My friend said she wanted to work for India’s emergence in global world.

Looking back, I was a die-hard feminist. I actually thought of a name (Mukti, height of melodrama, isn’t it?) and concept of a women’s magazine I aspired to start. I also wrote early articles for this magazine so that I could publish them when I grew up. I was in class 10 then.

Without knowing what was in those manuscripts, my proud mama handed them to an uncle who was visiting us. I was inwardly cringing as some of my articles were outright aggressive. For example, one article provided tips to harassed women how they could avoid getting their salaries snatched by their hostile family members. How did a 14 or 15-year-old get such (tacky??) ideas? Simple, I was a voracious reader. Library books were just not enough to keep my attention and my parents would not subscribe any magazine for me, I took to secretly gorging through wanton women magazines like Femina, Manorama, Grihashobha… My young mind didn’t escape both the subtle and melodramatic notes of female misery.

Now that I am grown up, I realize it is not enough to address women-related issues. It’s not all about better life.

Personally I believe if I can change the life of one person for better, I have paid my debt to life. I think of adoption all the time, but I can not commit yet as it is dependent on the wishes of my partner. I want to give a child a home with two willing partners. Not everyone can be a privileged super mama like Sushmita Sen and Anjelina Jolie.

I can not be a lone crusader in my dream to make a difference. Hence, more than lone volunteering, I try to reach out with words so that I can have reach out to hundreds of more volunteers for a cause. That is my immediate aim.

Watch this space to read more about what I do for world peace. 🙂

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