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I am Technologically Challenged

I am tired of being technology-ignorant. I am not even talking about complicated programming. I do not even have knowledge of HTML, I just about know some basic tags for bold, italic, paragraph, list…that’s it.

Now I have never aspired to learn such technical things before, but it is causing me few problems in blogging and web-surfing.

My tag cloud from wordpress does not show all the tags I have in my post. Other day Ramesh pointed out that he was not able to click the Pakistan tag in the tag cloud on this page. I had no clue how to correct it. I got rid of it.

I have no idea how I can make StumbleUpon work for me. I have seen people using it. Ashish has a column called “My stumbles” in his blog. I use, why do I need stumble?

Other day Ish posted an entry titled “Social Bookmarks for Users.” I downloaded the files he provided at the end of this post. Though I thought understood how it works after reading his post, later I didn’t know how to use the files he provided. Those files are still lying unused in my laptop.

Not only this, I like to list the categories/tags on the right hand panel of my blog. I could not seem to find an option for this in the last theme. Or is it just me, other day I realized it took me entire month to remove the restriction that allowed only wordpress members to comment in my blog.

I do not how RSS feed works. I have tried to read about it, somehow I don’t know how to subscribe to it. Recently, it has been easier to subscribe since I started using Google reader.

This video from Common Craft helped me understand the underlying concepts of RSS.

RSS in Plain English

But I still do not know if anyone can subscribe RSS feed for my blog or how to manage RSS feed for my blog? Do I need to do something about it?

We can now include scripts in wordpress, how? I do not know practically how to use it for my benefit. Most people include “Digg it” logo on their post, thought I want to, I can not due to my ignorance. Some bloggers include colorful text boxes to present quoted text. Me? I have no idea how to do it.

Now, there is so much hoopla about Web 2.0. What is it? I do not even want to google and read technical nitty-gritties. There is something in me that simply refuses to dwell into technical nitty gritty unless explained with creatively as done by Common Craft. May I find a way to deal with this.

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