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Republising My First Post

Well, I have been fancifully 🙂 tagged by articulate Ish, to republish my first post. This tagging is part of Kirk’s blogging project. While I recalled my first post during the day, I laughed at its innocuousness. And I thanked Frank.

Well, who is Frank? To explain this, I need to perhaps explain my profession. I am an instruction designer who designs training programs for corporate and universities. Most of the clients that I have worked so far have been US. India still has to catch up with the concept of instruction design.

Well, as an instruction designer, I develop create training programs on varied subjects like game designing, business administration, corporate analysis, motivating teams, criminal law and procedures, and so on. Of course, I have no knowledge of these subjects and yet we develop training programs. Who makes it possible? A subject matter expert (SME) who is practicing in the field. He is the one who writes all the content, me only design and present it.

So I started interacting with my course writer Frank Zafiro, who is a Sergeant in US. One fine day, I just clicked his blog URL that was part of his signature. I was transported into a completely different world. I discovered Frank was also a successful crime fiction writer whose stories and anthologies have been published in various magazine. His blog is listed under my blogroll.

I wrote to Frank about his blog and promised to start mine soon. I think the kind of person that I am as the Colorgenics test tells me that I can be supremely laid back. It is quite possible that I would not have started my blog for another few months (or years?), had I not made that promise to start my blog. I thank Frank that his blog motivated me enough to make that voluntary promise. 🙂

My first post was, surprisingly, very brief and goes like this:

I don’t think that I need to change the title for my first post. It was already provided in the existing template of my blog. This title is so apt for my first post. This is to inform the world of Web that I have finally arrived. It was long awaited by friends. I too had been thinking to start my blog since a long long while ago. I had promised Frank, my friend, that I will soon start a blog. Here it is!

Hmmm, whom should I tag? I tag the wannabe journalist Dinsan and Nishu, whose blog was recently suspended by wordpress without any warning.

P.S: I would love it if Frank wrote about his first post.


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