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Faded Lights at Indian Idol

Yesterday I tried to watch Indian Idol 3 without my favorite contestant, Ankita. I failed. I did not find a glimpse of that spark I was looking for. 😦

I was working and writing, while Indian Idol 3 show ran in background. A good decision in hindsight, all these remaining contestants had only audio performances, which my disappointed self tried best to soak in while working. I missed better part of the show, later when I did tune, I noted that judges, for a change, liked all the performance of each contestants. 😮 Looks like that judges, in their hearts, didn’t care any more about who won. Alisha easily switched sides to call Emon (or was it Amit?) her Indian Idol. I thought Chang was her Indian Idol! 😛

I heard today on news that Emon was out. It was inevitable. Amit is good, as I said he was my second best favorite. But unlike Ankita, he required the anchor Hussain and his two other co-contestants to dance a “twist” on his tunes to make it visually appealing. And as for Prashant, he is good as well but looks like it is going to be difficult to vote him out.


Who will win Indian Idol? Amit or Prashant?

Uh huh, do not think that I advocate Prashant to be out. But I figure, from past experiences when good contenders like Amit Sana and Karunya have lost dues to lack of popularity, that this maybe a problem for Amit. I have one more reason to fear that Prashant may win despite Amit’s melodious performances.

This other reason for my fear is a disgusting blog that I stumbled upon while surfing the Web. This blog is intended to garner votes and support for Prashant Tamang. But the reason I call it disgusting and objectionable because it breeds hatred on grounds of regionalism (and skin color!). Check out these two posts to see what I mean: Click here and here. The writer of the blog has no compunctions in calling jury biased against Prashant Tamang. This blog also maligns other contestants. 😦 I agree that Indian Idol judges are not above human error always, but to accuse them of being biased because Prashant is Nepali is grossly unfair.

Indian Idol fans, if you vote, vote judiciously. May the best win, not because they belong to a particular region.

P.S: On second thoughts, I think I did disservice by promoting this objectionable blog in my post. But I strongly wanted to raise my voice against regionalism that breeds hate. There is nothing wrong with garnering votes for your favorite contestant, but it is unfair to paint other people in the same colors of bias.

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