Lotus in the Mud

Every day we get bombarded with huge number of forwarded e-mails in our mailboxesbe it official or personal. For all the forward mails you receive from your colleagues or other friends working in other corporate offices, you can be sure they are being exchanged amongst 10 others at the same time you receive yours. As it happens, sometimes you receive the same mail thrice in a day from three different people. Sometimes you forward a mail to your colleagues that they might have received already. 😦

Sad thing is this most of us don’t realize it. Whenever we read one of these mails that we liked, we don’t miss a moment to hit the “Send” button. Only problem is others like it too and they too forward same e-mails with similar swiftness. It is especially cumbersome when several friends from the same circle, workplace, or community take liking to a same mail. It is quite possible you receive same mail several times. 😡 It has happened to me quite often and I have sulked at the trend.

Having said that, I must admit my love for the emails that have Web links for puzzles, online advertisements, video clips and so on. Take a look at these viral advertisements for Airtel, Microsoft Outlook, and Protex. All of these Web links arrived in my mail box with instructions to have audio on. They are all very enjoyable and successfully manage to get their messages across. I wrote appreciation mails to the sender of these Web links. 8)

I have also come to love some online tests. I particularly liked this personality test. The feedback that I received from my friends was awesome, they agreed that the results reflected their true personality. It was particularly hilarious when I persuaded a colleague, Arvind, to take this test as a experiment. His final result stated, “You take fashion trends to the EXTREME!” We all burst out laughing. That was true. Arvind is known to wear most rangeela and flamboyantly patterned clothes at work! 😀

As for me, I like to believe all these online tests whenever the results are good to me. 😉

It is like finding lotus in the mud of spam.

1 Response to “Lotus in the Mud”

  1. 1 rameshindiatimes September 6, 2007 at 1:44 am

    Few days back one of my friends in Delhi sent me a similar mail with some humorous content. When I thanked him in reply, his reply read as “Do I know U?”

    The point is not that I dont like the contents of those messages, I do. But what all I want to tel you is please dont create an illusion that somebody cares for you because he/she is sending you mails regularly. This is only because you are one of those hundreds of addresses lying in their mass mailing address book.

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