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Updates, Tag and General News

First the good news, I have written about DU distance learning students’ plight at their courses not being recognised. IGNOU has now given a green signal for DU distance learning courses. Hurray! :)

I had written this post at request of Deepak, who wasn’t receiving his appointment letter from Staff Selection Commission (SSC) even though he was selected. So, thankfully, Deepak will receive his appointment letter shortly.

All winners of Cricket-opedia Contest by Virgin IHL have received their gifts. However, I could confirm it with all winners except one, Sandil Srinivasan. Sandil, could you please let me know if you got your goody bag?

Now come the dedications and thank yous.

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Avant Garde Bloggies Awards – Winners


Without much ado, I announce winners and runner-ups for Avant Garde Bloggies Awards that has spanned for three months and had support from a number of people: badge designer, the judges, the poll managers, the Scrutinising Committee, participants  and several others who contributed in other small ways.

1. Most courageous post

Winner: The Vagina Dialogues
Author: Ideasmith
Runner up: Let’s Talk about Porn
Author: Crazy Sam

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  • @atulkarmarkar oh yeah. Maybe laptop will be on way out. 10 hours ago
  • Soon we ALL will have personal library of devices: smartphone, tablet, large LED screen (avoid eye strain), laptop, Kindle. Missed anything? 10 hours ago
  • @iMayavi Cuba: My Revolution, Unterzakhan, The Imposter's Daughter. Couple of Asterix-Tintin, of course. 10 hours ago
  • @rads I meant it. :) If I could do 20% of what you get done in your busy life, I would be proud of myself. 10 hours ago
  • Frankly, I owe big Billion day a big thank you - I acquired couple of amazing graphic novels at almost 70% off. Good additions to my library 10 hours ago

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